Tales of Darkness Lunar Eclipse Slot Game

Whenever the full moon makes an appearance, the raven-haired beauty turns into a vampire. There are a lot of ways to stop the vampire in this slots game. Every time you click the spin button, a chilling sound will play, sending chills to your spine. This game includes six reels with great prizes. A total number of 9 symbols gives this online game an ability to pay out some really good prizes. Once the full moon appears, start searching for scatter symbols. They can win you some pretty sweet prizes and bonuses. You can get up to 200x multiplier and 10 free spins. The game is beautifully themed and generous in terms of prizes. It pays out much more than regular 5 reel slots. The experience this game gives you is amazing due to the amazing themes and multipliers. Giving it a try can only be beneficial and great fun!