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The internal anal sphincter is an involuntary muscle, which means you cannot consciously control it. Similar to your beating heart and your diaphragm, this muscle does its job every second of the day without you having to think about its function. The internal sphincter is programmed to stay shut, which is why most adults do not leak stool while they sleep. The presence of a lax anal sphincter at the end of surgery correlated significantly with the reduced administration of narcotics intraoperatively and in the postanesthesia care unit (p 0.). Anal sphincter tone should be scored as absent or flaccid, reduced or normal. The anal sphincter allows for the most caudal assessment of motor innervation. The s2-5 dermatomes should be assessed for pin prick and light touch sensation (diagram, dermatome). The anal sphincter tone test had the highest positive predictive value (99. The heart rate response had a positive predictive value of 98.). In this study, we examined the effectiveness of caudal blocks and correlated it with the laxity of the patients anal sphincter before emergence from anesthesia in 178 children undergoing inguinal andor penile surgery. Though resting sphincter tone is predominantly attributed to the internal anal sphincter, studies under general anesthesia or after pudendal nerve block suggest the external anal sphincter generally accounts for approximately 25, and up to 50, of resting anal tone. Purpose assessment of anal sphincter tone is a critical part of anorectal examination, yet no standardized, quantifiable method for describing anal sphincter tone on digital rectal examination exists. We developed a novel scoring system for anal sphincter tone using a scale of 0 to 5 for both resting pressure and squeeze pressure. Approximately 5085 of overall resting anal tone is generated by the internal anal sphincter. 24 loss of resting tone suggests disruption of the internal anal sphincter andor an injury to its sympathetic innervation (i. 25 the patient then should be asked to maximally squeeze the anal sphincter.).   assessing rectal tone is of little use if the patient has been given neuromuscular blockers following intubation. Tone may also be reduced in the unconscious patient, as a result of post-intubation sedation or traumatic brain injury for instance. In the patient with neurological deficits, assessment for sacral sparing is important. Loss of sphincter tone the anal sphincter stays contracted to maintain the integrity of the rectum and prevent soiling and relaxes with a bowel movement. Over time and with age, the sphincter tone can diminish, causing loss of control. Loss of storage capacity normally, the rectum stretches to hold stool until you can get to a bathroom.

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