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How to express feline anal sacs

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A cats pea-sized anal glands are located beneath the anus, at about the four oclock and eight oclock positions. They release a cats distinct scent whenever the cat defecates, along with clear, oily. If your cat has an infection, your vet will express (empty) his anal sacs and then give him an antibiotic to treat the bacteria. If these treatments dont work and problems continue, your vet may surgically remove your cats anal sacs. In cats, the glands purpose is to leave a powerful territorial scent message via anal sac secretions that are applied to feces. A cats healthy, firm feces milk the anal glands while passing through the anus. Cats may also spontaneously express anal sac secretions when excited or frightened. Feline anal glands become problematic when the ducts become blocked, a condition called anal sacculitis. Problems can also occur if your cats anal sacs are making too much fluid. This keeps the substance from coming out of the ducts, causing it to get thicker and possibly allow infection to form. Although typically very safe, there are some possible complications of expressing feline anal glands if the gland is not easy expressed, do not force it the gland may be blocked and trying to express it can make it rupture. Damaged anal glands require surgical repair and are very painful. Cats dont just express their anal sacs when visiting the litterbox. A big scare can be enough for a cat to leave behind an unpleasant-smelling surprise when he expresses his anal sacs spontaneously. This can be mistaken by humans who dont know about anal glands and anal sacs as the cat pooping. If your cats anal sacs are constantly becoming impacted, your vet may recommend surgery to remove them, according to the washington state university college of veterinary medicine. Have your vet check the sacs during your kittys yearly or twice-yearly visits to keep them from becoming impacted. The anal sacs are two small pouches located on either side of the anus at approximately the four oclock and eight oclock positions. The walls of the sac produce a foul smelling fluid which is released whenever the cat passes a bowel movement. The anal sacs or their ducts can become inflamed or infected due to a variety of causes.

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