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There's just the National Park and you can spend the night there," says Lins.

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But once you're there, it's beautiful. It's one of the most beautiful beaches that I've ever seen.

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Nick, meanwhile, spotlights the nude beaches of Portugal and all the options afforded by France's activist naturist scene. Making connections and meeting like-minded naturists from across the world is also important to the couple. Travel blogging has become their full-time occupation, although there have been some difficulties along the way.

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Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have strict nudity rules, and Nick and Lins' posts always skirt the boundaries of what's allowed.

Clever cropping and artfully-placed objects usually allow them to get away with it, but their original Instagram account was shut down last year and they've since had to rebuild from scratch.

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Nick and Lins' photos always skirt the boundaries of social media nudity rules. They took this photo at naturist campsite Terme d'Astor, France.

† As someone who has never been naked in public before this is what happened when I tried skinny dipping naturist swim at Bloomsbury's Energybase pool in buckysboneyard.comted Reading Time: 5 mins Marie, 46, lives naked at home and on family outings and says the naturist lifestyle has instilled self-esteem in her three children. Amina, 37, a former chef from Sweden, has opened a Tauranga Author: Annemarie Quill † See 12 Stars Strip Naked for ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue Julian Edelman, Gus Kenworthy and Caroline Wozniacaki are among those who dare Estimated Reading Time: 1 min

Still, they say they never had any hesitations about sharing their lives online. Your naked butt has been in the newspapers.

Nick and Lins add that they're currently working on founding a social media platform for naturists. Naturism during the pandemic.

† Nudefest: Inside Europe's largest naturist festival. Close. Europe's largest naturism festival is in full swing at a campsite in Somerset. About people have gathered to bare all at Nudefest Video Duration: 1 min † Four4Four: All-naked TV shows, Kim Kardashian's lookalike, Jessica Simpson changes name, and latest Beyonce/Jay-Z rumor

The couple enjoy visiting naturist beaches, including this one at Bagheera in Corsica. Earlier in the pandemic, there were reports of a growing interest in naturism, as more people were confined to their homes, working and socializing virtually. In June, British Naturism's commercial manager Andrew Welch told CNN Travel there had been a rise in naturism over the course of the UK's lockdown.

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She describes the first time she got naked at a large gathering as a "non-event', adding "you soon realise people aren't interested in what you look like. On Saturday, she'll join around others of all ages, paying up to ?21 for a skinny dip at Blackpool's Sandcastle Water Park.

Pamela is one of 9, people who pay about ?44 a year to be members of the British Naturism BN organisation. It offers advice and support and organises days out and festivals - including NudeFest, NKD and Nudestock - across the UK.

Pamela had always found it "more comfortable" to be nude at home but began going to events after spotting a BN magazine while at work. I thought, 'How have I got to 25 and not heard about this? But I think laughing at someone who has nothing on is rude. Upcoming trips include two more swimming days in Stoke-on-Trent and Poole, naked-dining near Stevenage, a petanque tournament in Norwich and a two-hour boat trip in Scotland.

About 50 people signed a petition calling for Saturday's swim to be cancelled or to be made overs only.

Iím A Millennial Naturist - My Body My Rules

Children, it said, would be "at risk of being subject to abuse by sex offenders who may slip into the organisation unnoticed". One self-employed woman who plans to go to the event says she has no concerns about taking her children.

The year-old - who asked not to be named - said: "I do understand where people are coming from in asking 'how can it be safe? It's just like any area of life, you always want to protect your children. The [International] Congress certainly put New Zealand on the naturist map in a far greater way.

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The NZNF has members around the country and in the Bay of Plenty region. While Miller thinks a combination of social media and a general shift towards a more tolerant Aotearoa has helped drive more people to take an interest in naturism.

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members are more willing to tell people of the benefits of naturism. This month the federation launched a campaign to raise awareness called 'Love the Skin You're In', with a focus on wellness, inspired by recent attention on mental health campaigns.

The issues these people face often affect those closest to us and we want people to know that getting close to nature, and taking their clothes off could be a freeing experience that can assist them in their road to better mental health. Miller says how a person feels about their body is often the biggest barrier to them trying the lifestyle.

† Naked gardener 'perfectly legal' Plan to reroute naturist campsite path Pamela had always found it "more comfortable" to be nude at home but began going to † year-old girl wakes to find naked stalker in her bedroom. September 6, Security footage from California shows a naked man enter a home and shush a † Contrary to public opinion, being naked is not illegal, except for where it's intended to cause alarm or distress. The Torbay Sun Club, which describes itself as one of the UK's largest naturist swim and sauna clubs catering for people of all ages and walks of life describes how it

Then, that assists the person to begin to see themselves in the same light. At 47, a company finance manager, she is open about her lifestyle, but was "scared" at first to 'come out'.

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Some of the federation's members say they feel they cannot tell everyone they are a naturist because of their profession. Numbers of naturists in New Zealand are far greater than the federation's members says Miller, with other groups not affiliated to the federation peppered throughout the country.

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Bethlehem local Glenne Findon runs the Bay of Naturists group which has members, with living in the Bay of Plenty. Reclining in a bubbling spa in her backyard, she acknowledges a stereotype of the "retirees who like to spa naked", but says the lifestyle attracts all ages.

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We are naked, but there is no judgment of body shape. Findon says people who have not tried it some naturists refer to these people colloquially as 'the textiles' are curious about the lifestyle. There is naturist etiquette - putting a towel down wherever you sit, looking into the eye, not downwards or staring.

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A younger section of the group "taking it on" includes families embracing the naturist lifestyle to not only have fun together, but because they say the lifestyle embraces tolerance and can help foster confidence and self-esteem in adults and children alike. I found naturism to be a great equaliser to help me connect with people because you are always looking at the eyes.

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A car mechanic working in temperatures of up to 30C, Horst says he loves coming home and taking his boots, and then everything else, off. The family are naked at home and on family outings where they can, such as at the stretch of Waihi beach which has a free beach access at carpark As Freeman and Horst stretch naked on their beach towel, a clothed woman strolls past along the water's edge with a labradoodle.

Two walkers in active wear stride purposefully across the sand, but then double back when they reach the free beach section. it felt free and I wanted my own kids to experience that, to be childlike, natural and playful. What we are saying is it is okay to partake in naturism when you feel like it.

They'll just leave their clothes off, or if the younger ones are feeling so inclined, they will strip off and have a lovely swim," says Marie.

Freeman is aware her family lifestyle may bring criticism, but would like people to understand naturism before rushing to judgment. and that is based on people's belief that the naked body is something to be ashamed about and it is not.

all parts of myself, because they've served me well, kept me alive, housed my pregnancies. Working as a healer, Freeman has seen clients whose negative self-image has led to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety or addictions, or physical illness.

I've buried some people, not being able to love themselves literally killed them. Freeman wanted to instil in her children a healthy appreciation of their bodies, and has seen already its positive influence. This overrides the over-sexualised images and perceptions they are bombarded with on social media. of course it is up to you but the perceptions around naturism need to change about what people think we are doing or saying it is harmful to kids, or offensive.

We are just doing normal everyday activities.

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We are appreciating life, enjoying nature, being tolerant towards others, how is that harmful? they are the harmful things. Nothing that can make you stronger than making yourself the most vulnerable There is no specific offence for being naked in public.

Each incident of nudity reported to police is dealt with on a case by case basis and may fall under the following offences depending on those circumstances:. A way of life in harmony with nature, characterised by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others, and for the environment. Source: Bay of Plenty Naturists, NZNF.

For more information, visit: gonatural.

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