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These have been posted on this forum and they are easily found on line. When she finished, she would help me step into my new temple underwear, in past years it was a pair of old fashioned temple garments that covered the body from ankle to wrist to neckwhile still wearing that sheet tunic, adjusting it properly.

I always had the feeling she wanted to kiss me, she was so pleased. I often got a a little hug.

I still shudder. Then she sent me out into the dressing area with our lockers where dozens of other women were coming and going. Here, we got completely dressed and attached the keys to the locker on our dress someplace where they giggled quietly, sometimes the only sound head while walking down the halls in our white slippers on well carpeted floors.

Opinion naked mormon elders the

How does the Mormon church get old Mormon men and women to believe it is a sacred ordinance to touch your bare skin under a sheet with little dabs of water then oil while you sit in a small cubicle?

The part that is so unethical and disrespectful is that no one tells the new initiate anything ahead of time. You go and do what dozens of other people are doing.

apologise, but, opinion

It is very difficult to leave once you get in the temple. It can be done, I know, I have watched people do it, but it is rare. This is group pressure at it's most intense. Under no other circumstances would anyone even dare to consider that you would strip naked, put on a shield sheeting made in the style of a tunic or poncho as it is called, carry your underwear and go into a small room alone with someone you do not know while they whisper memorized dialogue, usually with a breath mint in their mouth then help dress you in the official temple garment to be worn day and night for the rest of your life.

Originally, this was a complete washing and anointing, similar to some other religious customs.

speak this

What we will do in the name of pleasing the Mormon God! Subject: was repeatedly touched. Date: Jan 20 Author: kc Not only was I touched during my initiatory but I KNOW I was not 'mistaken' or having a 'false memory' because my 2 friends and I used to actually go to the temple for hours and do initiatories for the dead! I went round and round in the little booths until I thought I would faint, being touched over and over until the oil was dripping down my body in certain spots.

Yes, I had a sheet over me, open on the sides, and yes, a little old lady reached under the sheet with her COLD bony hands and touched my naked body. When she would bend and touch my legs her face was almost in my lap. When she anointe my breasts she touched above the breast area but when she anointed my vitals and bowels she often inadvertently brushed my breasts or nipples.

So yeah. Naked touching. Date: Jan 20 Author: Harry Mail Address: "I guy reached in and touched me twice about six inches above my penis. It's a good thing the penis wasn't standing erect! Otherwise guess what he would have been annointing and touching!

Subject:SLC temple Date: Jan 20 Author: Stray Mutt I was naked except for the holy poncho. I was touched briefly, discretely, on several parts of my body, including at about 9 o'clock from Mr.

Winkie, about 3 inches away. Subject: I was wearing a drafty poncho, an old lady approached me Date: Jan 20 Author: Saucie with oil dripping from her fingers, she mumbled "health to the navel, blah blah blah, marrow to the bones, or something like that, she was saying her lines like a robot, she touched me as she talked, her fingers were cold and I got the intense feeling that she was so very very bored.

I was scared of where else she would touch me, I had no idea that I would be touched by anyone, especially by an old woman with arthritic fingers and a no nonsense approach.

Naked mormon elders

Subject: This web site has a very good account of the Washing and Anointing Ordinance. Date: Jan 20 Author: SusieQ 1 The other pages cover the rest of the rituals. Subject: It is my observation that those who claim no memory of "touching" in the temple do so Date: Jan 20 Author: SusieQ 1 because of the nature of the event.

The pressure, especially when getting married; the new, unusual, strange experiences in the temple that impose complete compliance can leave most of that wedding day a complete blank in a bride or groom's mind.

The second reason for claiming no "touching" in the temple is denial and protection of their claimed sacred ordinances because they are so pressured to not divulge it those death threats were pretty powerful they either cannot even admit their experience to themselves, let alone anyone else.

I have walked out of the temple with a temple patron in our party and remarked about noticing changes, and they claim claim there were no changes. Mind boggling. Maybe it is a hypnotic experience for some patrons.

They are in a daze, they do not recall what they did and are in some kind of imposed state of denial. Whatever it is, denial of being touched on their naked skin by temple ordinance workers strangers in the temple by TBM's is quite common.

Or else, they blatantly lie on purpose! Subject: SuzieQ - "Denial of touching of naked skin is quite common by TBM's" Date: Jan 20 Author: Soulful Thinker Mail Address: So what gives?

whom can ask?

Why is it so common for them to deny it? Indeed, it is truly mind boggling. I have yet to grasp how they can and do deny it.

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I mean sheesh, I have been through the temple and I KNOW that they do it. So, if they can deny point blank blatantly provable facts, then ofcourse they can dismiss any logic we throw at them regarding church history or the con-man Joseph Smith.

advise you. Can

Subject: Re: SuzieQ - "Denial of touching of naked skin is quite common by TBM's" Date: Jan 20 Author: SusieQ 1 Denial, memory loss, cognitive dissonance, pressure, fear, etc. I have no idea what is wrong with people. If I even brought up something that was said or done in the temple, people became quiet, told me they could not discuss it, and would not even voice an opinion about something that had nothing to do with the ordinances.

I always thought it was very strange behavior.

Now as a Former Mormon, I encounter TBM's who deny all of it. Maybe they are protecting their "worthiness" out of fear of loosing a place in the CK! Subject: touched in Provo Date: Jan 20 Author: kj Mail Address: I still remember the "pancho" thing and trying to keep it closed. I was touched by some grey haired old guy mumbling about loins and sinews.

I never did intititory again, and the were always trying to get us to sign up in EQ. Subject: We were all touched. Do you know anybody who WASN'T? Date: Jan 20 Author: duffy My personal experience was in the Washington DC temple. Absolutely I was touched. That's the way it was done up until this week. I went back for endowments for the dead but I never wanted to do another initiatory after my own.

It was extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Subject: Swizerland Date: Jan 20 Author: squeezebox I was washed and anointed as described by most people here.

When it was time to have my "loins" washed the old guy touched me on the base of my back. I was a bit nervous because I had read the endowment already but did not know exactly where I'd be touched.

are absolutely

although I knew that I would be touched. I was very relieved that I didn't get groped. It was done very discretely but it was still quite uncomfortable.

Confirm. naked mormon elders remarkable

Subject: Re: I want to hear from people who are "touched", if any! Temple Initiation Date: Jan 21 Author: randyh I was "initiated" in in Idaho Falls.

This footage was recorded in the Mesa Arizona Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) on May 21, This is called the "Washing Muscular Mormons Elder Gardner and Elder Kimball fuck in a 3some Like Dislike Close. 5 months ago. HD 70MissionaryBoyz - Mormon Boys Gets Fucked To Show Worthiness Like Dislike Close. 8 months ago. Nuvid. HD 86Mormon elders film fuck Naked touching in the Mormon Temple. Is it for real? Date: Aug 20 Author: But when we completed the session, one of the Elders with us came out of there completely white. He had this shocked look on his face as if something bad had happened to him. He refused to tell us what was wrong and stayed very quiet the rest of the day. A few days later he told me what happened. He said

Of course I was touched. That is the whole reason that the "shield" which was like a poncho; was open on the sides. It was open because the temple worker had to physically reach in and touch certain areas with water, then with oil. I seem to remember the "loins", which meant touching on the top of the ass area. The shoulders, maybe the knees I can't really remember them all.

I don't remember any genital touching, I think just above the pubic area. It was kind of freaky but in a droning, somewhat perfunctory, paternalistic and gentle, but beuracratic way. And the touching was always a single light touch with a finger. The whole day was so weird, I was told upon emerging from the veil: "you're one of us now" Thinking back now,it was like that scene in "Rosemary's Baby"!

The one at the end where Rosemary is looking around the room at all the faces of her neighbors who were familiar, but now she was seeing them in a whole new terrifying but oddly bland and nerdy way! Something about it kind of reminds me of "Wicker Man" too Subject: Quinlansolo, you're full of crap. I've gone through 91 repetitions. Date: Jan 21 Author: Tyson Dunn Mail Address: My own endowment: January After the mission ina trip to the DC temple to help a friend's family and did three sets of Your denial is as scummy as the Mormon apologists.

If you are endowed which I'm beginning to doubt someone put your garment on you that you stepped into and zipped up the front, and before that you were washed and anointed by touching.

Apologise, naked mormon elders too

Subject: Look at these web sites - is the memory coming back now? In order to participate in the Initiatory Work one needs a Shield and a Garment.

sorry, that

The Shield is a poncho-like covering. It is made by folding a rectangular piece fabric such as terry cloth, or cotton flannel in half, and cutting a circular opening at the fold for the patrons head to fit through.

It reaches about eight inches from the floor on both sides, and covers the front and back sides. The sides are open, and are held closed by the patron. Prior to receiving the Washings and Anointings the patron removes all clothing and puts on the shield in the privacy of a locker.

It must be understood that all Washings and Anointings are performed in sexually segregated rooms.

something is. Now

shtml AND - see photo's of shields, etc. Temple Initiation Date: Jan 21 Author: Oh Please I was a temple worker and a regular attendee. They did touch the patrons.

What do you think the whole oil thing was for? Didn't you walk out of there with oil on several places on your body? If not, they did not do their job. Too bad you can't go back and have the experience again.

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End of an era. Subject: No doubt about it!

Date: Jan 21 Author: jennyfoo I was touched on all the places mentioned by other posters and my breast was also grazed a few times. I was pretty much in a daze due to the weirdness of it all, but I never forgot the touching or the horrible breath Recovery from Mormonism - The Mormon Church www.

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