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Keyes was one of two of the ship's crew to make it to the escape pods.

In the following years, Keyes spent most of her time in the front lines, playing a crucial advisory role in the coordination of several major offensive strikes against Covenant targets.

This proved invaluable to her as she quickly rose through the ranks of the UNSC.

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Throughout her career, she was forced to confront accusations of nepotism from those who ascribed her rapid rise in rank to the position and influence of her father, Jacob Keyes. Throughout her life, Miranda harbored a resentment for her estranged mother, and she stopped answering Halsey's letters at one point after having her name changed.

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Halsey had done. She promised to keep who her mother was a secret, simply because she didn't want her father associated with what she had done. She ended the message promising to make sure she would take after him. Halsey would feel if she read it. In AprilMiranda was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in a promotion ceremony at downtown Quezon on Reach.

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Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood also personally awarded her the Silver Starand it was announced that she would assume command of the Stalwart -class light frigate UNSC In Amber Clad. Immediately following the ceremony, Keyes was deployed back to active duty, having been able to postpone a mandatory leave required for those receiving high-ranking promotions.

Inshe accepted her father's posthumous Colonial Cross on Cairo Station immediately before the Battle of Earth. At this time, she was assigned to the Medii Battle Group of the UNSC Home Fleet. At the start of the Battle of Earth, Miranda's vessel was docked at Cairo Stationso that she could receive her father's honors. During the awards ceremony, the station was attacked and boarded.

Miranda fought her way to her ship with the help of Sergeant Major Avery Johnsonseveral Marines and the Master Chiefthe latter of whom also repelled Covenant boarders along the way.

During the battle, In Amber Clad was one of the only vessels close enough to follow the High Prophet of Regret when his assault carrierSolemn Penance entered slipspace inside the city.

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The In Amber Clad "piggy-backed" the Prophet of Regret's assault carrier through slipspace and ended up at Installation 05 in the Coelest system. Unable to engage the assault carrier by herself, she sent a platoon of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers to assist the Master Chief in his pursuit of the Prophet of Regret in order to capture or kill him.

Miranda sent orders for Johnson and his Marines to get the Activation Index before the Covenant could.

Later, Keyes and Johnson went to the Library of the installation, accompanied by most of the standard Marines of the ship. They attempted to retrieve the Index, and, although Keyes was successful, most of the Marines were killed or infected by the Flood that were infecting the installation. Once Keyes and Johnson had the Index, they were ambushed by Arbiter Thel 'Vadamee.

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Johnson was knocked out, but Keyes was able to take down Arbiter's shields by wielding M7 SMG before also being knocked unconscious by Tartarus ' Fist of Rukt.

Seconds later, Keyes and Johnson were taken from the Arbiter by Tartarus and his band of Jiralhanae. The Jiralhanae then took Keyes and Johnson to High Charitywhere they met the remaining High Prophets of Truth and Mercy.

They were then taken aboard separate Type Phantom dropships and were transported to Delta Halo's surface to aid in the activation of the installation.

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Keyes was taken to the Control Room of Installation 05 because she had been designated as a Reclaimer by Guilty Spark. Tartarus then used her to begin the Installation's activation sequence.

Halo 2 - How Much Does Miranda Keyes \u0026 Johnson Weigh? Why They Can't Be Pushed Around

Shortly afterward Thel 'Vadamee and Johnson arrived, and the three of them were able to kill Tartarus. At that moment, she retrieved the Index and stopped the Halo from firing. However, Spark revealed that the shutdown activated a failsafe system; the rest of the Halos were set to standby mode, and could only be activated remotely from what Spark informed them was "The Ark".

After the Arbiter asked him its location, Spark gave them coordinates to Earth. The release of the Flood from the ring, however, would put their plans to get to Earth on hold. The new allies would rendezvous with the Arbiter's comrade, Rtas 'Vadumeenow shipmaster of the recently captured assault carrier Shadow of Intentflagship of the separatists' fledgling Fleet of Retribution.

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Spark remained with the fleet to coordinate containment efforts while Keyes, Johnson and the Arbiter raced back to Earth aboard one of the fleet's vessels to warn humanity and to locate the Ark.

Upon their return to Earth around November 15,Keyes took up command at the base Crow's Nest outside of the town of Voinear the location of the supposed Arkundergoing excavation.

Johnson and the Arbiter recovered the Chief and extracted him back to Crow's Nest, where Keyes detailed her plan to have the Spartan lead an effort to neutralize one of the AA batteries defending the excavation site in order to allow Lord Hood's ships to attack the Dreadnought.

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However, the base suddenly came under heavy Covenant attack and as it was overrun, Keyes and the command staff evacuated the wounded Marines and escaped on the last Pelican. A large explosive device that Keyes ordered left behind was detonated by the Master Chief, destroying a large portion of the attacking Covenant and most of the base itself. While pushing into the main town of Voi in an attempt to stop the Prophet of Truth from activating the now fully uncovered "Ark", Keyes spotted a single Covenant battlecruiser coming towards Earth.

However, Hood decided to ignore it, stating that they would not have another shot at stopping Truth.

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After Truth succeeded in opening and retreating through the Portal outside Voi, the battlecruiser that Keyes had spotted was revealed to be infected by the Flood. It crash-landed near the Portal and the Flood began to spread throughout Voi. Keyes was contacted by the Sangheili of the newly arrived Fleet of Retribution and informed that Cortana was seemingly aboard the cruiser.

How intriguing, thought Commander Miranda Keyes. The Master Chief had just returned to Earth a month ago after destroying an entire Covenant armada and a ring world called "Halo". This was the first time Miranda had ever seen John, even if it was while he was wearing his full suit of Mjolnir armor, which was all but pulverized from battle Miranda Keyes/OC. Miranda Keyes. John | Master Chief. Cortana. Thel 'Vadam | The Arbiter. Avery Johnson. Summary. A view on the hidden background events leading up to the conclusion of Halo 3 as the Forward Unto Dawns shipboard AI comes to terms with the reality of war fighting all around her. Series I did a clothed one, now here's a naked pic of Miranda Keyes from Halo 3:) I hope you like it ^^ Halo Industries, Bungie, Microsoft9,1/10(35)

The Master Chief found the small data unit seemingly holding Cortana, but it was simply a damaged holographic message. As the Sangheili began to partially glass Voi to destroy the Flood, John, Keyes, Johnson, Hood, the Arbiter, Rtas 'Vadumand Guilty Spark met aboard the Shadow of Intent to discuss the current situation.

After Guilty Spark repaired the Covenant storage unitCortana's damaged message implied that the solution to the Flood was through the Portal. At Keyes' insistence, Hood allowed her to go through the Portal, donating his personal flagship, the UNSC Forward Unto Dawnto aid the Fleet of Retribution in the expedition.

Keyes and the rest of the expedition force arrived at the real Ark- Installation 00 -on December During the Battle of Installation 00she landed troops and large quantities of weaponry and armor on the Ark, largely to supplement John's search for the Cartographer facility.

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Throughout the battle, she worked with Guilty Spark and 'Vadum to fight off the Covenant forces. Although Guilty Spark wished to find terminals near the core of the installation to aid in the repair of Cortana's storage unit to find the solution to the Flood, Keyes and 'Vadam agreed to focus on eliminating the Prophet of Truth to prevent the firing of the Halo Array.

When John located Truth at the Ark's control roomshe dispatched several Pelican dropships to deactivate the shield protecting the Citadel. During the process, Keyes lost contact with Johnson and his Marines due to their capture by Jiralhanae forces.

Though the UNSC and the separatist forces were able to deactivate the shield, the battle was interrupted by the sudden appearance of the Flood-infested High Charity. The Shadow of Intent suffered heavy damage upon the Flood's arrival, and was unable to open fire on the Citadel. Guilty Spark tried to convince the group to contain the Flood outbreak before it could spread, but Keyes insisted that stopping Truth was more important.

Having no effective way to destroy the Citadel from above, Miranda ordered John and the Arbiter to storm the tower and stop Truth.

Realizing that John and Thel 'Vadam would never get there in time to stop Truth, Keyes decided to stall Truth herself. She crashed her Pelican into Truth's position, intending to stop the Array's firing and rescue Sergeant Johnson, who had been captured by Truth's forces. She exited her Pelican with an M90A shotgun and an M6G magnum.

She was able to kill two Jiralhanae, and wounded some fatally several others but ultimately found herself outnumbered.

Johnson demanded that she kill them both in order to halt Truth's plans. Keyes, unwilling to harm Johnson, hesitated.

As she paused, the Prophet of Truth shot her in the back with a Type Spikerkilling her. Her death greatly disheartened and demoralized Johnson and he didn't resist when Truth used him to activate the Ark. Truth viewed Miranda's unwillingness to kill Johnson as proof that humans were weak and unable to set aside their compassion, which was why the Forerunners had left them behind.

After the Master Chief and the Arbiter stopped Truth, Keyes' body was subsequently rescued from Flood infection by Johnson, who carried her into the Pelican which he used to escape the Ark's control room. Her face is later seen in a photograph on the Memorial to the fallen on a hillside overlooking the Portal to the Ark, near the photograph of Avery Johnson and the service number of Master Chief John Due to her actions during the final months of the Human-Covenant Warshe was posthumously awarded the UNSC Legion of Honor.

Like her father, Miranda Keyes was known for being one of the bravest officers in the UNSC. This was demonstrated by her decision to follow Regret's flagshipSolemn Penanceinto slipspace during the Battle of Mombasa, when she crashed the UNSC Hilbert into the Covenant destroyer over Gamma Pavonis VIIand leading the final battle of the warwhen she crashed her Pelican through the Citadel's window in a last-ditch effort to rescue Avery Johnson moments before her death.

Due to her unexpected move to follow Regret's ship into slipspace, she was described by Commander Richard Lash as "the ballsiest officer in the Fleet". He further suggested that she may have been trying to live up to the reputation of her father or that she was simply "nuts". This story takes place in a universe where Ben Tennyson and his team were born in the s, a few years before the Covenant attacked humanity.

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Decades later, the Anodite-Human hybrid Eleanor Cross must return to the organization that betrayed her and her family to stop the Covenant from blowing up the entire galaxy in a misguided attempt to attain divinity.

And as luck would have it, she is partnered with the only person in the UNSC who stands a chance against her - the Master Chief.

After finishing off his burger, he stood up and was about to reach for a towel when a totally naked Miranda Keyes walked in. "AARGH!" She screamed and quickly stumbled out of the room, hands covering her breasts. John stood there, mouth open. "Smooth." He whirled around and saw Cortana with a huge smirk on her face Miranda Keyes, also known as THE SEXIEST WOMAN ON EARTH, (probably because most of the women on Earth were scorched with plasma) is a Halo Character. She died when a testicle chin shot her in the back with a staple gun. Background . Like her (adopted) father, Miranda was good at piloting the crappy ships that the UNSC tried to use against the superior whale shaped ships that the Covenant

Pre-Halo 2 and post First Strike. Part 1 of the Cross Continuity.

Ben 10, Timeline inside! She was abusive. My father never let her touch us when he was around, but he had to hunt for us and gather what he could. She was ashamed of her children and being with my father. We grew up underground, away from the bustling streets of Oslo. My father is Sangheili. He has trained us in the ways of his people and has trained us in the human ways as well. We are dangerous, but we wish for peace. My name is Eira Manefjell, daughter of Xavu 'Nrarom and Lycoris Manefjell.

I am an assassin employed by the Oslo Assassination Association, and I will hunt down my mother. I will make her pay for killing my son. The UNSC and the Covenant are playing the traditional Army Navy Football Game with a little twist. What do you get where you combine an elite ODST squad, a former UNSC Army Captain, a legendary supersoldier, and a Marine with divided loyalties between an alternate 21st Century America and the 26th?

Naked miranda keyes

In this story, you will see how the UNSC soldiers react to the DC universe being an actual reality. He coughed up the first petal after falling from the Forerunner Dreadnought.


ates Wednesday and Saturday. This is just to put in some wandering thoughts from my daydreams and dreams. What if Chief from 4 fell into the resistance camp.

How would the situation in the first Halo game be changed If A2 got dropped into the setting. What would the Androids reaction be when they find a hollowed out planet in their view instead of the earth and moon.

Alien ships both Covenant and Human flying around it. Plus some slice of life. A short overarching story with each of the 12 chapters pertaining to a different prompt. This year it takes place in a Halo x Touhou Project crossover. This one is strength and death, and cannot be eluded. There are those that are called Demons, and there are those that are called Slayers.

And when the time comes that they are banded together, those that rise against them will fall just as quickly. Alternatively titled "Universal Doom: Chapter 20".

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