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Burning Man, directed by Jonathan Teplizky, chronicles a man grieving for his wife after she dies from cancer. His suffering leads him down some self-destructive paths, many of which involves his relations with different women.

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Goode currently is filming Stoker in Nashville with Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska for director Park Chan-wook Oldboy. As for meeting Nicole Kidman?

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Another one. Home Article Toronto Film Festival: Matthew Goode, nude scenes, and a different kind of 'Burning Man'.

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Toronto Film Festival: Matthew Goode, nude scenes, and a different kind of 'Burning Man'. By Sara Vilkomerson ated September 13, at PM EDT. Commentators have been weighing in about why Oscar host Seth MacFarlane's song We Saw Your Boobswhich poked fun at actresses who've done nude scenes, offended them, and I'd like to add my thoughts.

The bit might have worked in a different venue, a comedy club or frat house. But in a ceremony that honours artistic excellence, it was wrong in every way.

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Many have noted that the name-checked actresses - among them, Naomi Watts, Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet - are high calibre, and the films in which they did nudity are serious, and that's true. A-list actresses don't doff their clothes on camera unless they believe it serves the story, which means that the scenes MacFarlane sang about were likely significant ones, trying to express something meaningful about beauty, sexuality or vulnerability.

No one does these scenes carelessly; everyone's worst fear is that they will catapult the viewer out of a film and into the realm of peeping Toms. This makes MacFarlane's mockery not only puerile but demeaning. Would it be funny to mock, say, the models for Botticelli? To take this one step further, I believe that even if MacFarlane had sung about D-list actresses in moronic comedies, the number still would have been offensive.

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Not just because chortling about "boobs" reduces all women to mere vehicles for their sexual organs; that's obvious. And personally, I think the only appropriate use of the word "boob" is to mean "buffoon.

Too often, stupid movies that exploit them are the only roles available.

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It's been true for decades, and it's still true - three-fourths of the speaking parts in movies and television go to men. To pigeonhole any actress for doing her job perpetuates the idea that titillation is all women are "good for," which in turn perpetuates the scarcity of other kinds of roles.

Honestly, watching half of humankind suffer from incessant marginalization and denigration is dispiriting and exhausting. In the new thriller Stokerwhich opened yesterday, Mia Wasikowska pulls off precisely the kind of nuanced, emotionally significant nude scene that I'm talking about.

Admire his acting in South from Granada . Matthew Goode seemed to enjoy appearing completely nude in various scenes. So, you can see how he swims naked in the sea with his friends. Matthew Goode also flashed his nude penis when he danced with a naked beauty. Also this guy was incredibly hot in sex scenes too Ben and Matt take a skinny dip in a fountain. Their legs are spread as they swim, but the water makes it impossible to see anything more than butts. Brideshead Revisited Sexy, straight, shirtless. Matthew Goode gets shirtless for some steamy sex on the floor. South from Granada Nude, butt, straight, shirtless Matthew Goode: 'I fractured the occasional law' I won't even go to a naked beach, let alone stab someone." His family accompanied him to Nashville, where Stoker was filmed. Nicole Kidman, who Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

To explain further would spoil it, so I'll say only that it takes place in a shower - and that in a phone interview this week, director Chan-wook Park said via interpreter it was this scene that convinced him to make Stoker his first English-language film. One of South Korea's masters of the genre, he's best known in North America for the films Thirst and Oldboy.

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Wasikowska plays India Stoker, an unsettling girl whose adored father dies on her 18th birthday, leaving her alone with her needy mother, Evelyn Nicole Kidmanand her Uncle Charlie Matthew Goodewhom she's never met before, but who seems to understand her better than anyone else.

Park skillfully grounds the resulting horror in reality liberally spiced with literary and Freudian referencesand unwinds it at a stately pace, the better to engage viewers' minds while fraying our nerves.

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Park believes in evil, he says: "It is very much a part of human beings. It is a human weakness, inside each and every one of us.

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So using a young woman to convey the idea of evil is shocking and frightening. This is a story of India's coming of age and her sexual empowerment, and as we know, sex and violence are [psychically] closely linked.

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To see someone who seems virginal, and therefore passive, become violent, that's disturbing. To maintain the aura of dread, Park asked his actors to be perpetually in a state of unease.

Almost in a worrying way, because we were delivered a folder with every frame of the film exactly how he was going to shoot it. You think, 'Does that give me much room to discover and explore?

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That's a real joy. He's a master with the camera, and there's so much symbolism and thought gone into every single moment that you start to think all the other films you've been on were lazy.

I have a bit of a soft spot for Matthew Goode as he was born only a couple of weeks before me, just a few miles from where I was born. However he's done slightly better than me, as while I write about movies, he actually gets to star in them. His latest, Stoker, opens [ ]

In other words, Park and his cast shot everything, including the shower scene, with genuine artistic intention.

Boobs need not apply. Matthew Goode, 34, is so fiendishly charming that his playing a handsome Devil in Stoker is practically typecasting. He's one of a coterie of up-and-coming Brits that includes Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch now on HBO in Parade's En Ben Whishaw Bond's newest Q and Laurence Fox son of actor James Foxfriends who are often up for the same role.

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I'm not saying we're Harris and Burton, but we've had our moments. Born in Devon, schooled at Exeter and London's Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, and possessed of the poshest accent in England's green and pleasant land, Goode excels at playing louche lovelies an aristocrat in Brideshead Revisite Firth's lover in A Single Man.

Now that I'm a dad, I don't have time.

A Single Man: He's Taken (DVD Excerpt)

Really, I'm a wonderfully conservative Englishman; I won't even go to a naked beach, let alone stab someone.

His family accompanied him to Nashville, where Stoker was filmed. Nicole Kidman, who lives there, showed them around, and they went two-stepping at honky-tonks with Mia Wasikowska.

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It's easier if you have your family around you, because when you come home, you can recover: 'I'll put Moo to bed. I like to hang up my suit at the end of the day and be dad and hubby.

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His next project, the pilot for a TV series called The Vaticanwill take him to Rome. Will he play the Pope?

MATTHEW GOODE nude - 41 images and 21 videos - including scenes from "The Crown" - "South from Granada" - "A Discovery of Witches" Toronto Film Festival: Matthew Goode, nude scenes, and a different kind of 'Burning Man' this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility buckysboneyard.comted Reading Time: 2 mins Matthew Goode Shirtless and Underwear Photos. How good of an actor is Matthew Goode? After watching him in the movie Stoker, it is clear to us that he is a very good actor who can give any Academy Award-winning actor a run for his money. If he picks the right roles that would showcase his talent, we won't be surprised if he wins an Oscar in Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

Ridley Scott is directing the pilot, so it bodes well. Johanna Schneller.

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