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Naturally, she wants to play games and do things with me. We might play a game on the card table, where I can lay in the chair on the heating pad. She plays restaurant and brings me food. She made her own menu and everything.

Then we swap roles and I bring her fake food. However, after we were done playing restaurant, she wanted to play doctor.

This may sound silly, possibly petty or even me just being plain sensitive. I told her alright, we can play that.

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She asks me why I am there, and of course, playing doctor is no fun if there is nothing wrong with you. It makes sense for a kid to want to have something wrong with the other. That is what playing doctor is anyway.

I just kept hoping she would not bring up my illness. She had done it in the past. She had asked why I was there and even had a cure for it. I wish she did, I guess she wished so too.

I had to explain to her over and over how it works. Do I expect her to perfectly understand? Of course not. But it sometimes seems like she does not believe me.

In the end, all she did was say I had strep throat.

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Every time she asks if I want to play doctor, my stomach drops. I am sick of doctors.

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I am sick of going to doctors with all sorts of things wrong with me and being told there is either nothing they can do or they do not believe me. I hate that I am this way, and I hate that the very thought of playing doctor fills me with such dread and fear.

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2 days ago Sister (32) Towel (83) Undressed (1) Woman (8,) Youth You can help us tag artworks on Tagger. The tags above come from the public, and also from an image recognition project run by the Visual Geometry Group, University of Oxford When My Little Sister Wants to Play 'Doctor'. My sister is 10 years old, and we all try to encourage her to use her imagination and play. In this day and age, I feel like sometimes everyone (including kids) are too busy looking at screens for entertainment instead of entertaining themselves. I try to explain to her that I wish I felt like doing Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins My Son Is Uncomfortable with His Little Sister's Nudity. One of my goals as a mother has been to teach my children to be comfortable with their bodies. It was easy when they were little. They saw no need to lock bathroom doors or hide while they were changing. Clothes were nothing more than an obstacle to their play that they would seize any Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins

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Best viewed in LARGE Contacts only, sorry. All my images are copyrighted. If you intend to use any of my pictures, for any usage, you need to contact me first. Thank you.

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