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Naked justice comic

RELATED: Body Language: The 15 Most INFAMOUS Superhero Body Parts. Obviously, not all of these are by choice, and some are the result of circumstances beyond control such as battle damage or imprisonment. Regardless, these characters let it all hang out, for better or for worse.

We only had one rule for this, and that was no comics of an adult nature; that would be cheating, after all.

So with that in mind, here are 16 comic book characters who bared it all in the name of truth and justice. Introduced in the pages of New Avengersthe Illuminati proved themselves to be behind quite a few Marvel Comics incidents. Forming shortly after the Kree-Skrull War, the combined prowess of Iron Man, Professor X, Black Bolt, Namor, Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Strange worked to keep global threats at bay, but their first encounter was nearly their last.

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Captured by a Skrull force after unsuccessfully threatening their king, the Illuminati are captured, alone, and not expecting a rescue. Presumed weakest among them is Iron Man, stripped of his armor which at the time also powered his heart and left nude in a cell.

Young Justice - Rule 34 Porn comics. Sort by. Title Views Rating. Brave and the Porn 3. Bayushi. Creampie, Oral sex, Blowjob, Anal Sex, Straight. Stargirl, Starfire. Select rating Give Brave and the Porn 3 1/5 Give Brave and the Porn 3 2/5 Give Brave and the Porn 3 3/5 Give Brave and the Porn 3 4/5 Give Brave and the Porn 3 5/5 Gay porn comic Naked Justice - Beginnings on section for free and without registration. The best Yaoi collection of Rule 34 porn comics. , , 4,7/5(3) Naked Justice is the perfect comic for those who have always longed to see what superheroes have neatly tucked beneath their brightly colored spandex tights! By day, Felix Himner is a mild-mannered banker who attempts to lead a normal life. But at night, the suit comes off

Tony more than proves his worth, though, handily defeating his captors completely nude thanks to combat training he received from Captain America. Buffy The Vampire Slayer 's comics follow-up was kind of weird when you get down to it. A giant Dawn, Xander leading a S. And when the scheming villain Twilight was revealed to actually be Angel, fans knew a reunion between the two was in the cards.

And boy, what a reunion it was. Buffy Season 8 34 includes Buffy and Angel using superpowers to fly across the globe as they hook up for the first time in ages, destroying mountains and even taking off into space for a bit while the rest of the Scooby Gang exposits some backstory back at base.

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Tony Stark became a raging alcoholic, Thor a boastful God, and The Hulk became a cannibal on his best day. While Hank Pym has always been bastardized for his hitting Jan, Ultimate Hank was truly sadistic, attacking Jan with ants while she was shrunk.

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Originally intended to just be pin-up art to put on covers, Dawn was fleshed out to eventually be the Goddess of Death and Rebirth, serving as a pseudo-narrator of several titles and appearing in a few of her own. She also tends to appear very scantily clad, and often times nude. As part of her gimmick as a Goddess, Dawn takes on the appearance of whomever is viewing her, so she appears however a person wants her to appear which is usually in some form of undress.

Wolverine could probably make up this entire list.

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Fortunately for him and less fortunately for those who encounter himWolverine has evolved beyond things like humility. Having been captured by Department H and experimented on, the Wolverine we know and love today was created through experimentation and a painful process to graft adamantium to his bones.

This also included Logan being nude except for sensors and recording devices, and running around in the woods in such attire or lack thereof. The Princess of Power hailing from Earth, the bloodthirsty Zarda is an interesting character.

For years, Zarda lay dormant in a tomb.

Occasionally brought food by descendants of followers, she lay in wait until the day Hyperion fell in battle. And when the time came, the decrepit Zarda slew her remaining follower to regain her youthful vigor.

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Zarda would later remain in the Ultimate Universe and died during the Incursion leading to Secret Wars. But perhaps no moment of Savage Dragon nudity is more notable than when Dragon went to hell.

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What follows is an unforgettable encounter with God and Satan, who get into a fist fight. The following panels, including a stern warning from God to Dragon before sending him back to Earth, are the stuff of legends.

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Supreme Power is full of wild superpowered types, but perhaps none more exotic than Amphibian. Instead Amphibian grew up the superpowered equivalent of a feral child.

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Amphibian never wore clothes, aside from rare public appearances with the Squadron. Having grown up in the ocean, she had no use for them anyway. Spectrum shortly after a chance meeting that resulted in the death of two divers and served as a hero for some time before dying in the Incursion event leading up to Secret Wars.

Ultimate Bruce Banner was wildly different from his traditional counterpart. Insecure to a fault and recklessly seeking approval, Banner injected himself with a concoction of his Hulk formula and the Super Soldier formula with the intent of giving The Ultimates something to publicly fight.

Still, the Ultimate U got its share of fun Hulk stories, and Ultimate Hulk Annual may take the cake.

The Incredibly Hung Naked Justice 1 is written by Artist: Patrick Fillion. The Incredibly Hung Naked Justice 1 Porn Comic belongs to category. Read The Incredibly Hung Naked Justice 1 Porn Comic in hd. Also see Porn Comics like The Incredibly Hung Naked Justice 1 in tags Forced, Gay & Yaoi Naked Justice - Beginnings 1 is written by Artist: Patrick Fillion. Naked Justice - Beginnings 1 Porn Comic belongs to category. Read Naked Justice - Beginnings 1 Porn Comic in hd. Also see Porn Comics like Naked Justice - Beginnings 1 in tags Gay & Yaoi Home / Comics By Series Title / Naked Justice. Naked Justice. The Legacy #3 - $ Add to cart; The Legacy #2 - $ Add to cart; The Legacy #1 - $ Add to cart; NJ Beginnings #3 - $ Add to cart; Naked Justice #1 - $ Add to cart; NJ

Hulk turns up in a diner in Kansas completely nude, and all he wants is pancakes. He winds up duking it out with Zarda in a multi-page brawl.

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Fillion also continues to produce illustrations for several gay-themed publications, and has created artwork for numerous events and organizations. Fillion's series characters are primarily young, muscled males with improbably large penises.

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Ethnically diverse, they find themselves in a plethora of dangerous and sexual situations, often involving equally sexualized aliens and supervillains.

First appearing in Magma Forces 5Camili-Cat is the last of an alien humanoid species that is part feline. Now he roams the galaxy in the hopes of someday finding other survivors of his species.

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Naked Justice is a well-endowed superhero whose costume consists of only boots, long gloves and a mask. He first appeared in 's Ecstasy 1, and has appeared in two issues of his own series scripted by former Canadian Male magazine Editor-in-Chief Donald MacLean. Fillion illustrated a great deal of work for Avatar Press inan some of which has yet to be printed.

The items listed below are the items which have been released to date.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Naked Justice. Patrick Fillion Born QuebecCanada Nationality Canadian Area s Penciller, Inker, Writer Notable works. Canadian cartoonists.

Naked Justice Beginnings

Aislin Terry Mosher Michael de Adder Barry Blitt Sheree Bradford-Lea Gary Clement Fred Curatolo Andy Donato Brian Gable Nikahang Kowsar Graeme MacKay Bruce MacKinnon Shahid Mahmood Steve Nease Adrian Raeside Vic Roschkov Sr.

Paul Szep Wyatt Tremblay. Sid Barron John Wilson Bengough Blaine Roy Carless Bob Chambers William Garnet "Bing" Coughlin George Feyer Sam Hunter Duncan Macpherson Len Norris Roy Peterson Lou Skuce Charles Thorson Ting Ben Wicks Avrom Yanovsky.

Justice League - Rule 34 Porn comics. Sort by. Title Views Rating. Green Heat. Palcomix. Oral sex, Bondage, Cunnilingus, Submission, X-Ray, Masturbation. Oliver Queen, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, Vixen. Select rating Give Green Heat 1/5 Give Green Heat 2/5 Give Green Heat 3/5 Give Green Heat 4/5 Give Green Heat 5/5. Give Green Heat 1/5   NAKED JUSTICE: 16 Heroes Who Fought Evil In The Buff. Skintight spandex isn't revealing enough for some. CBR presents 16 comic characters who aren't afraid to show it all in the name of justice!Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins Naked Justice #2 The Extremely Hung NAKED JUSTICE #2 is cum-soaked, heroic fun andkicks off with the short story titled "Penis Envy". Naked Justice teams up with his then-boyfriend GHOSTBOY to stop the murderous JACK the STRIPPER, a deadly didlo-wielding maniac out to add the world-renowned Gay Porn Star Tobey Tubesteak to his long list of victims!

Sandra Bell-Lundy Wally Fawkes J. Frazer Paul Gilligan Glen Hanson Lynn Johnston Terry Mosher Steve Nease Rina Piccolo Noreen Stevens Philip Street. Walter Ball John Collins Hal Foster Jimmy Frise Rand Holmes Sean Martin James Simpkins Jim Unger Doug Wright. Adrian Alphona Ho Che Anderson Graham Annable Kaare Andrews Chris Bachalo Samm Barnes Kate Beaton Marc Bell Stanley Berneche Ian Boothby David Boswell Rupert Bottenberg Chester Brown John Byrne Howard Chackowicz Bernard Chang Svetlana Chmakova Michael Cho David Collier Katherine Collins Dave Cooper Willow Dawson Michael DeForge Stephane Delapree Julie Doucet Max Douglas Dale Eaglesham Alex Fellows Patrick Fillion David Finch Tom Fowler George Freeman Ed Furness Michel Gagne Gerhard Ralph Hamelmann Faith Erin Hicks Stuart Immonen Russ Jones Dave Lapp Julian Lawrence Jeff Lemire Troy Little Jay Malone Bruce McCall Jason Marcy Derek McCulloch Todd McFarlane Grant Miehm Bernie Mireault Ryan North Bryan Lee O'Malley Arn Saba Michel Rabagliati Seth Dave Sim Leanne Shapton Ken Steacy Jay Stephens Jillian Tamaki Ty Templeton Colin Upton Henriette Valium Chip Zdarsky.

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Jon St. Ables Leo Bachle Les Barker Harry Brunt Darwyn Cooke Gene Day Adrian Dingle Owen McCarron Bus Griffiths Win Mortimer Joe Shuster Jack Sparling. Bado Guy Badeaux Garnotte [ fr ] Serge Chapleau.

Henri Julien.

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Delaf Annie Groovie. Raoul Barre Alberic Bourgeois Albert Chartier. Jimmy Beaulieu Guy Delisle Julie Doucet Michel Rabagliati Steve Requin Yves Rodier. Genevieve Castree.

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