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You get the young shoots because you are really young looking. Reporter: They are among the thousands naive, fresh faced 18 to year-olds plucked from small towns at the click of a mouse.

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Free flight to Miami. That will grab attention. Reporter: To come to Miami to take part in a new growing part of the porn industry. I locked everything in my car. Reporter: So-called amateur porn.

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Amateur porn world. You are just processed meat. Reporter: Girls like Carly brought up in a generation that porn seems to be everywhere. People on porn having sex and nothing going wrong and everybody's happy.

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It's really confusing. Reporter: And this girl who is worried her family in a small town may find out what she is doing. I have this weird feeling my mom knows.

Kathy Bates, About Schmidt | in About Schmidt Kathy Bates hasn't been shy about showing her not-a-supermodel's body on screen. She got naked and rolled around in the mud. Credit: Everett Susan Sarandon is not only one of my favorite actresses, but like a fine wine, she's one of the few in Hollywood who has gotten tastier with age. Chick is like 66 and I still want some! Alongside legends like Serena Williams and Yoko Ono, comedian Amy Schumer headed a wonderful overhaul to the new Pirelli Calendar, which traditionally features naked supermodels

Reporter: Rachel seems like your typical girl next door from rural, Illinois. Not long ago you could catch her playing the clarinet in the high school band, a self described nerd from a religious family.

Naked hottest chick

I was like an introvert. I wasn't popular.

The Dixie Chicks' nude EW cover 10 years later: Emily Robison and Martie Maguire reflect this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility buckysboneyard.comted Reading Time: 3 mins "I was just honest" says Osorio, who has two kids. "I asked them if they thought it was going to be weird that mom was going to be naked on TV, and they shrugged their shoulders The Naked Girls of Naturally Naked Nudes: Directed by Charles MacFarland. With Shannon, Marketa, Gwen, Judit. Various clips of some of Naturally Naked Nudes' videos compiled together

Reporter: Youthful, innocent, naive, just what porn consumers apparently crave. I had sex with two people before I went and did porn. Reporter: According to the Kenzie institute, one of the few research institutes that study the adult film industry, teen is the most searched word on porn sites.

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A lot of them look like the girl next door. All of these sites that say watch real girls, like real year-olds get naked for the first time. A lot of that is in fact what is happening. It is all about the guy getting off.

Reporter: In their new documentary "Hot girls wanted" film makers spent months following Rachel and other teen girls capturing the risks and harsh realities of amateur porn work. There's an influx of girls trying to do porn.

A lot of them know it's a trap but the money in their face right now, cash.

They take it and hope for the best. Reporter: The allure for some money for college, but for just about every girl a chance at fame.

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I just wanted to be famous. Famous like Julia Roberts famous?

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No, like Kim Kardashian famous. Reporter: The hunt for these unsuspecting girls is alarmingly simple. It begins with a craigslist post, hot girls wanted, a modeling job you get paid and free airfare.

They e-mailed me and said it was adult entertainment. I thought I was going to go there and do one or two and come back.

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Reporter: For Rachel it was a way out fast. I'm sure there were other options but they weren't quick enough options. Reporter: It is Rachel's first plane ride ever and landed her in Miami in a life she hadn't imagined. I'm like oh, god, I'm actually doing this. Are you kidding me? What's going on?

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I was in the backseat and someone was driving the car. He says he has been doing this three years but unlike other agents said he actually cares about his girls.

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He didn't give you time to think it through. I think that was a good strategy for him because if I would have had time to think it through I probably wouldn't have gone. It looks innocent and all. Reporter: She chooses a porn name ava Taylor and takes the irreversible step on a website called reality kings. com going in to the first time that was going through your head?

Too much. I was freaking out. That's it.

What's up ava? Nothing, just chillin'. At first reveling in her newfound freedom. I have done so much here. Penthouse, lamborghinis, did all the I ever wanted to do. I'm trying to be famous.

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You have to do what you have to do. Reporter: The money comes at a price. The girls pay for rent, lingerie and makeup. Most girls shelf life is a few months. Rachel lasted six. She is a lady, alone, at home in the sea, doing something she loves.

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ONE TIME USE ONLY. MUST CREDIT Rick Rifici Source:News Corp Australia. Australian big wave surfer Felicity Palmateer is set to make massive waves with her next project and has released a titillating teaser to the masses.

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I feel so much more empowered now I have done this. I felt really free and it was wonderful.

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Following the video, she will release an art component of the work with exhibits in Australia and the US. A post shared by Felicity Palmateer flickpalmateer on Nov 22, at pm PST.

flickpalmateerart felicitypalmateerart fineart acrylicpainting. A post shared by Felicity Palmateer flickpalmateer on Nov 24, at pm PST. SkinDeep teaser out now! Link is in my bio if you want to watch!

Photo: pixjj felicitypalmateerart flickpalmateerart FlickPalmateerSkinDeep. A post shared by Felicity Palmateer flickpalmateer on Nov 27, at pm PST. A post shared by Felicity Palmateer flickpalmateer on Oct 21, at pm PDT. Palmateer toldthe website Surfline fear is what has driven her in big wave surfing.

Australian big wave surfer Felicity Palmateer to release naked surf film. Australian surfer Felicity Palmateer is set to make huge waves when her fully-nude surf film is released. WARNING: Nude images A lot of them look like the girl next door. All of these sites that say watch real girls, like real year-olds get naked for the first time. A lot of that is in fact what is happening Created by Echt they make the wearer look 'naked'. Picture: Instagram Source:Instagram. A Brisbane model recently posed in flesh-coloured shorts and its matching bra, prompting several people

Fear is opportunity, opportunity for growth.

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