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Guests were invited to face their fear of public nudity by entering a haunted house completely in the raw and walking around in the dark with a bunch of other naked strangers.

The attracting drew instant attention from media outlets around the world, which, as always, resulted in the attraction almost getting shut down. On its Facebook pageShocktoberfest explained why we can't have nude things:. Visitors choosing the prude option would have had to strip down to their underpants and nothing else.

Otherwise, they were being encouraged to go completely nude. There was nothing sexual behind the new plan for the haunted house, he says, but rather the idea was to embrace the fact that one is more vulnerable when nude and therefore the haunted house experience would be a lot more frightening than when walking through with clothing on.

Local township leaders contacted Konopelski and requested that he rethink his decision.

  The Shocktoberfest team planned to offer the special event to consenting adults, at specific times when regular customers were not present in the park. The customers, not the ghouls, were to be only naked participants. But now, people won't be able to go through the haunted house in the buff. "No one is more disappointed than us Author: David Lohr   A haunted house in Pennsylvania has scrapped plans to allow people to go into the spooky space naked. Shocktoberfest organizers said the Naked and Scared Challenge - Author: QMI Agency   Haunted House Invites Guests to Take the 'Naked and Scared Challenge'. Pennsylvania's "premier haunted scream park" will open this week with a

He had already sold a lot of tickets online and now has to issue refunds to everyone. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and must sign a waiver. Participants undress in a semi-private preshow building, experience the Unknown Haunted House, and then exist into a semi-private fenced courtyard where they will get dressed.

  7 Insane Moments in the World's Most Hardcore Haunted House. Let's get one thing clear right away. I was not excited about visiting the Blackout Haunted House. It's not that I'd heard bad things about the place. It's more that there are only bad things to hear. The Blackout is a haunted house in the same way that Guantanamo Bay is a haunted Adambrown   The \"Naked and Scared\" haunted house will no longer allow visitors to enter the house naked, although they can tour it in their underwear. Today Sept. 27, , PM UTCEstimated Reading Time: 3 mins   A haunted house in Pennsylvania wanted to offer a nude or prude event called "naked and scared" in which people could walk through the house naked, but their plans got nixed by the "prudish Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins

Participants are never in view of minors or non-participating customers. Naked and Scared Challenge is not offered on Sundays.

Spyce Haunted House 5 (80's Horror)

Disclaimer: Shocktoberfest has created this experience so their customers can explore a new level of fear. This is about fear and pushing oneself out of their comfort zone.

This is not about sex. No sexual misconduct, inappropriate or disrespectful behavior will be tolerated. Your email address will not be published.

  Procedure: The Naked and Scared Challenge allows participants to go through the Unknown Haunted House Nude or Prude (either totally nude or with underwear). It takes place at the end of the night after all customers have gone through the attraction. Participants must be 18 years of age or older and must sign a buckysboneyard.comted Reading Time: 3 mins   Naked Haunted House Scares 'Nudes and Prudes'. A new spectacle launched in Pennsylvania allows visitors to strip down. Shocktoberfest has created 'The Naked and Scared Challenge' for participants Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins   Would you go to a haunted house where you had to be naked? It's John Berman's "Award of the Day."

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