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In reality, it was Timothy sleepwalking every Full Moon as a Werewolf. Movies: Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Blade Runner, STAR WARS, Superman: The Movie, Rambo II, Batman. ank cargocollective. Though for the life of me as I was casing the house, I failed to spy a single willow?

The old stone house was owned by a quite wealthy couple who resided there with a staff of servants. The Right Honorable Sir George B and his wife, Lady Veronica, the richest pair in the area of Swansea.

Casing the estate from the safety of the deep dark woods surrounding the massive estate over the previous month On that night, cut through the woods that surround a small lake and carefully approach from the least visible side Sneak up underneath the second-floor stone patio. Pry open the glass door of the patio, and enter.

@nakedamateurs_   German idioms involving salt: The soup is too salty; you must be in love Once known as "white gold," salt is an essential element of life. No wonder it's trickled into language and Teens and vandals are usually local pricks that enjoy the feeling of smashed windows and falling walls, and I can't really blame them, it's a ton of fun, if you look at it honestly. I've been exploring long enough to see non-disclosed places destroyed by scrappers and vandals time and time again

Carefully open the chamber door. And enter. Then search for the 3 usual spots a rich lady keeps her jewels. Found them tonight in spot number After scooping up and pocketing all of the plentiful shimmering beauties, leave the manor the same way I came in I turn around checking for any lights that may be turning on in the hallway behind me.

All was still dark. I cautiously lean over and check the first-floor windows. Those lights were also out. Tickling the gargoyle under his Jutty chin after I step down from him back onto the heavy ropelike vines, I looked into his woeful eyes.

The puckish-looking carved eyes of the gargoyle were looking down upon me as if he was being quizzical as to my reason for daring to be there?

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I reach the ground, stopping to listen for any sign of discovery as I wait till my eyes totally re-adjusted to the glooming darkness. Curious as to why no lights had been turned on inside, I slipped around to the stately rolls. The engine was cold as death. They had been home for a while? I head out, circling back inside the woods, making my cautiously silent way towards where the lake was located. Never take the same way back out if it can be helped, I always tried to do this in case I was seen coming in!

For, as I started to leave the woods leading down to the pond, my ears picked up a sound that did not belong! And there, lying upon a glossy gown, in a gleaming heap, was a collection of sparkling jewelry set with rich gemstones of Amethyst that Lady Veronica must have been wearing out this evening!

They are both watching the swans' graceful display, as their heads came close, forming the outline of a heart. Their heads are also close, the shadowy nude backsides silhouetted to me as they lay intertwined on the grass by the water's edge.

I sneak back until their figures are out of sight behind the hedge where their clothes are laid out. In the background, the sounds of crickets have been replaced by the raw grunts and groans being made by the pair of lovebirds making out like a pair of randy teens. I look down as my eyes are met by the dazzling array of her Amethyst jewelry as it catches in the moon lit glen.

I bend over and laying down my already heavy leather satchel I carefully fold up the dress, bundling her valuables safely inside. Did not want to risk missing anything. After picking his wallet from the jacket, I also lift out his pocket watch from his vest, admiring the Aquamarine gemstone set in the watch fob. I then reach down and with my free hand lift the bundled gown. And shove both on top of my satchel.

A throaty cry that can only be made by a female in the throes of exquisitely intense passion, rips out into the night, making me jump. I grin as further sounds tell me the pair of ultra-wealthy lovers are behaving no better than a couple of horny servants.

I could just imagine what their tight-lipped snobbish friends would say. They are both well past noticing anything going on around them. So with a feeling of ease, I backtrack and circle my way out and around the pair whom I had just nefariously robbed fairly blind!

My final view is of a pair of bare naked sweat glistened figures, as the noble lord and his pretty lady tightly embrace within the passion of the all too quickly waning moment. With a secret smile, I nod in salute to their epic endeavors, Then turn away, and slip back to the outer edge of the woods and make true my escape.

There's a sad knowledge in my heart of where this tendency of content overpolicing is going on a larger scale. This overreach of control and micromanagement. If I'd posted this pic to a small local URBEX Facebook group, my post would be deleted without any explanation and prior communication on rules regarding location disclosure elsewhere, although I never disclose locations explicitly - not on Facebook, not on Flickr, not anywhere. Do I care about Fecesbook drama?

So, my first post in that group was deleted yesterday. I upload to Flickr using external tool exclusively, and have set a Publish rule to never post GPS locations. So I went through my Flickr titles, and found out whopping 5 unique places named.

If you do some critical thinking on this idea of info non-disclosure between URBEX people, at least a couple of problems present themselves gloriously clearly, and they tend to contradict the assumption that information non-disclosure will somehow magically stop the entropy, and will keep the place up and in good health.

These places attract all these kinds of people. They use brains too, and scrappers can smell abandonment miles away, for their living depends on it, not just a silly drive to trespass and explore the living past. Been here long enough to experience a building getting renovated and opened to the public once again - this very picture is from that place!

Well, those bulldozed places are leveled, no more living history to experience and less quality pictures, because inevitably some talented photographers missed the place because of the lack of exchange of info between URBEXers. Why it was in such a pristine condition when we visited it in and managed to get in? Today this airport is available to the public and the net result is?

Young Adult - Film School Shorts

Well, less explorers got to experience the place and take pics on their own terms, and access now inaccessible areas. Because scrappers will find their scrap, vandals will find their stuff to smash, and owners or the city will one day demolish or renovate our URBEX sites, and we will move on, trying to protect this information from ourselves.

Jessops Pan S scanned with Plustek i Ai. Thompson Twins- youtu. Everyone knows about the doctor, he's kind of a legend in my hometown.

Apologise, but, naked german tweens necessary words... super

I live in a fairly poor area, you know? And getting to the doctor has never been easy. Fact of the matter is, about the only time people were willing to go to the doctor for anything before he showed up was if it was an emergency.

Bleeding from the eyeballs or ass or something like, the kinda thing that probably should have gone earlier for. Doctor's visits ain't cheap though, so people put it off. Then the doc came to town, set up a nice little clinic in a nice little building and all that changed. He was willing to work with people that couldn't afford it, the poorer folks, hell even the homeless. He'd let people work off their bills.

Cleaning up around the place, tidying things and the like. Simple stuff but it took off from his work load and let him save money he'd have had to spend on extra help. So yeah, safe to say he was a popular man around these parts.

Could even call him something of a local saint almost, so when he disappeared, just up and vanished one day, you can imagine the uproar that followed. People were confused, upset, running up and down all the stages of grief and back again.

There was no sign of what happened, or where he'd gone, and he'd never made any hints to wanting to leave. Even with the whole town searching, and the police investigating, nobody ever found out what it was that happened to him, or where he might've went. Time passed and the clinic changed hands.

Went from a place of healing to a place of death. Now don't that sound over dramatic? When I say a place of death, I just mean a morgue. Stayed that way for a few years until the county coughed up the money for a better building and off it moved and the place was left empty.

I don't imagine anybody wanted to run a business out of a former morgue, especially don't imagine anybody wanting to live in one. Well, nobody around here at any rate. With the place abandoned, and the history it had, it wasn't too long before teens - and hell adults that should have known better - started sneaking in to take a peek. Friends would dare each other to go in and grab something, or go in and stay in for so long.

Go in and stay overnight. No on had done that last before. Sure people would talk a big game, but when it came down to it every single one chickened out. Understandable, yeah. Didn't stop them from getting mocked at every turn though. Maybe you've guessed it by now, maybe you haven't, but I was one of those adults that should know better, with friends that should also damn well know better, that dared each other to go in.

Mostly when we were pretty plastered. We'd been upping the dares each time we gave them, and about a week and half, closer to two weeks ago really, one of my friends finally laid out the big one. Staying in the morgue overnight. Because drunk me is an idiot and should never be allowed to make any sort of major decisions. My friends know this, the fuckers, and if ever anything were a major decision it would be spending the goddamned night in an abandoned morgue.

Being the helpful people they are, the soberest one among us drove us there and sorta poured me through the door of the morgue, with promises that they'd stay outside all night, and advice that was mostly variations of "Make sure to scream if something eats you". Because they're helpful. The first hour was the easiest, I was still three sheets to the wind and not scared of a damned thing.

Also I was still laying where they plopped me inside. Drunk me thought the raggedy ass carpet was comfortable, and had spent most of the time on the floor trying to make dust angels, and yelling out to my friends, every so often, reports on my not being eaten. The second hour was where it started to get difficult.

I was sobering up, and didn't have any liquid courage on hand to get my buzzed bravery back. The only thing that kept me from running back outside was the idea of my friends, and the sheer amount of dickishness I'd have to put up with from them if I ran out now.

You naked german tweens amusing phrase

Besides, I told myself, I'd been in there about an hour already and nothing had happened. Besides me stirring up an ungodly amount of dust. It was a creepy building sure, but nothing was going to happen. Bravery back-ish, I decided I might as well explore a bit. To be honest I wasn't all the curious about the place, but at the time I figured that if I could grab a little souvenir from somewhere further in the building, that'd really stick it to the assholes I called my friends.

Where I'd been dropped off, once I finally got to looking around, I realized was basically one big hallway with five doors. Two on the left, two on the right, and one at the very end of the hall.

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Signs next to them helpfully explained what each room. On the right was the Viewing Room and Body Store. And at the very end of the hall, the sign next to the door read Consultant Office.

Seeing as how that one didn't seem to have ever had bodies stored in them, that was the one I went with, seeing as how an office was likely to be the least terrifying. Inside it was Pretty boring actually.

It had obviously been an office, there was a filing cabinet, but the cabinets were open and long empty. A very dead potted plant stood in the corner, and the far wall was growling at me.

Yeah, if you did a double take, had to re-read that last one, imagine how I felt standing in that room and realizing what I was hearing.

Are not naked german tweens can not

Which made me feel just, oodles better, obviously. Now, remember when I said drunk me is an idiot?

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Well, so is mostly sober me I guess, because instead of doing the smart thing and noping right the hell out of there, I decided, and why I still don't fucking know, that it would be a great idea to investigate the weird wall with someone scratching around behind it like some Nancy Drew wannabe.

So there I stood, shining my cell phone at the wall and poking at it, generally looking like a dumbass, when the scratching stops, just completely goes silent, and the wall starts creaking. Of course, my natural sense of curiosity and general lack of self preservation overwhelm my caution and I move in closer to examine the wall, well, doorway I guess. Shining my light inside, I can see a set of stairs. Not some dramatic spiraling nonsense you'd see in a movie, just, six or so steps, and of course I'm curious.

Naked german tweens

Honestly, I don't know what I was expecting to find down there. Maybe a food cellar, or an angry racoon or something.

all became clear

What I was not expecting to find was what the beam of light from my phone uncovered when I reached the bottom step. In the center of the room was a hospital bed outfitted with manacles.

That, in itself, was weird enough and had me wanting to just scurry my ass back upstairs, but the wall just behind it caught my eye.

It was basically one big corkboard, and it was covered in pictures. Of course I got closer, we've discussed the idiocy and my total embrace of it. I was a little freaked out, but more than that I was curious. And honestly I figured that maybe this was some sorta secret sex dungeon. Morgue employees needed love too. Or hell, maybe this had been the doctors secret before he vanished.

So, yeah, imagining an illicit romance or something spelled out in the pictures, I got closer to take a look. And after only a few pictures began to really, really, really wish I hadn't.

The first picture my light shined on, on the far left of the board, had been innocuous enough. Just a man in a hospital gown standing on front of what I'm pretty sure was that very board. It was empty, so I think he was the first picture taken. He looked a little nervous in the picture, had his shoulders hunched up, and he was kinda twisted away from the camera.

Written under it in the white margin was "SPM - 1". I didn't have a clue what that meant, still don't honestly, and it wasn't a very interesting picture so on to the next I went, which had the same label written under it.

The second was a little different. It was the same man, naked now, but he was strapped into the bed in the center of the room. His hands were in the manacles, and his feet and legs were strapped down, and he looked kinda like he'd been crying, or was in the middle of crying maybe when the picture was taken.

It was when my light scanned the third that things went sideways. It was the same man as the previous two pictures, and he was still on that bed, but his stomach was cut open.

Hell, his everything was cut open, and what I'm pretty fucking sure was a loop of intestines had been pulled out and very neatly stacked on a small table next to it, and the poor bastard was looking right at it in the picture. I don't know how alert he was, but he was still very much alive when that picture was taken. The other pictures I saw, weren't much better. Some were a hell of a lot worse in fact. One, a picture of a woman labelled 'SPM - 7', started the same.

First picture standing, shying away from the camera. Second picture strapped to the bed, arms looking like she'd been jerking them mid photo. And the third, her arms were gone. And her eyes were gone. Very neatly gone for both, but gone. A dogs head had been sewn onto her neck, looked like a German shep. maybe, with the tongue lolling out. And the woman's mouth was open and her face was twisted like maybe she'd been screaming when the picture was taken.

I'm not super certain, mostly because by that point I was throwing up everything that had previously been in my stomach. It was while I was vomiting up my very soul that I heard that scratching sound again, closer this time, coming from near the bed in fact.

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