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Brett Kavanaugh is under fire for an incident that may or may not have happened when he was 17 years old. Easy, bring in the witnesses under oath and take the testimony.

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Easily resolved. First, an Arkansas man peacefully sat in front of a mall Nike store waving a Blue Lives Mater flag. If I were the responding officer, I would have bought him lunch. And then there is the Taco Bell in Hialeah. The clerks there refused to serve a drive-thru customer because she would not order in Spanish. The clerk was eventually removed from the job and the customer offered compensation for the inconvenience, but is taco or burrito pronounced any differently in Spanish?

Except the politics, that seems to be never ending. Missing woman found in forest says she just wants peace. Missing Utah woman found living in a national forest claims she just wanted peace and solitude.

Manhunt under way for a suspect and his pet tiger in Houston. Scientists taught bees to smell the coronavirus. Nipple sucking by a teacher in Zoom class. Fugitive sends police a better selfie for his mugshot. Ohio fugitive sent the police a selfie because he didn't like the mugshot they were sharing of him.

Chernobyl spirit beverages were seized by Ukraine security. NYC Spanish teacher caught sucking topless man's nipples during classroom Zoom. Florida woman throws her Whopper, yells racial slurs. Principal whacks student while mom records it.

FLORIDA FRIDAY - Florida woman arrested for throwing a Whopper at Burger King employee. Florida principal whacks a student while mother records it. Florida police installed a child seat instead of giving out a ticket. Floridaman impersonated a police officer in order to handcuff his neighbor over loud music. New trend: Getting high by eating raw rotten meat.

Police ask kids to stop playing nude Nerf Wars.

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New trend of people eating eating rotten meat to get high. Police ask students to stop playing nude Nerf Wars. Man wielded his colostomy bag at police at Kid Rock's bar in Nashville. Woman ran a brothel using witchcraft and animal sacrifice. Foolish lady learns what ghosting is. Woman ran a brothel using witchcraft. Lady reported her boyfriend missing and police inform her he doesn't exist actually. Belgian farmer moved the French border by mistake.

  Two Florida State University professors who specialize in financial markets and physics will pay more than $, to settle civil charges that they carried out an illegal short-selling scheme Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins   A video of a woman walking naked across six lanes of Interstate 95 near Florida's Flagler Beach Video shows FL woman walk naked across I near Florida State University. More buckysboneyard.comted Reading Time: 2 mins MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Police have arrested a woman who they say lay naked on a table at a South Beach diner and poured ketchup on herself. Witnesses told Miami Beach police a topless Angelic Valle turned over tables and chairs at Johnny Rockets earlier this month, then removed the bottom of her bikini [ ]. Location: Miami-Dade

Edible insects sold in vending machines. Cult leader found mummified wrapped in Christmas lights. Cult leader found mummified and wrapped in Christmas lights in a home.

Massachusetts pizza shop owner used fraudulent PPP money to buy an alpaca farm in Vermont. Edible insect vending machines are popular in Japan. Man broke into woman's home to steal her sex doll. Trillions of cicadas will be making sweet love.

Man broke into woman's home and stole her sex doll. Elderly couple used military Morse code training to escape assisted living facility. Trillions of cicadas about emerge from a 17 year underground sleep to mate. Drunk Florida model offered to bang all the police. Florida lady choked and bit her Uber driver. FLORIDA FRIDAY - Florida woman closed and bit her Uber driver. Florida private school tells vaccinated teachers they cannot be around the children.

Shirtless 19 year old Florida man wields knives and yells "I am a world famous wrestler! Drunk Florida model offered strangers lap dances in public and asked the police if they wanna bang. Man builds a poop wall after dispute with neighbor. Man smuggled 35 birds inside his clothes. Man builds a wall of poop after property dispute. Man arrested at the airport after 35 birds found hidden inside his clothes. Man living alone on Italian island for 32 years.

Hundreds of people fight in a field over the name Josh. American honey is radioactive from bombs. American honey is radioactive. Japanese woman accused of stalking the police officer who previously arrested her for stalking. Man trapped on Chinese boyband reality tv show. Winning race dog tests positive for meth. Russian man trapped on a Chinese boy band reality tv show for three months.

Greyhound race dog tests positive for meth. Rental car shortage in Hawaii leads to Uhaul moving truck rentals. Man arrested for dating 35 women for the birthday gifts. Lady charged with felony for unreturned VHS.

Japanese man arrested for dating 35 different women so he could get max birthday presents. Woman charged with a felony for 21 year old unreturned VHS tape. Bowler fills bowling ball with his father's ashes and bowls a perfect game.

too happens:)

Fake Florida witch stole all the money. Couple tried to get married in someone else's mansion. FLORIDA FRIDAY - Florida woman hit by a flying turtle. Florida woman promised witchcraft but instead stole a lot of money. Florida couple tried to get married in mansion that wasn't theirs.

Florida woman thinks a baby dinosaur ran through her yard. Man skipped work for 15 years and still got paid. The mystery of the shaved cats and the blue dogs. Dogs are turning blue and pink in Russia. Mystery of the shaved cats in a Virginia neighborhood. Italian hospital employee accused of skipping work for 15 years. Get married at an active volcano. Transgender teen has two funerals as parents disagree on gender. Get married next to an active volcano cuz it's cool!

Taiwanese man marries same woman 4 times for extra marriage leave time. Trangender teenager has two funerals because the parents disagree on the gender. Scientists love dirty underwear! Crystal meth found in a breakfast taco. Scientists are burying 2, pairs of underwear in Switzerland.

  Three naked Florida women told a trooper they were "air drying" at a rest area after showering on Wednesday, but they didn't stick around to explain much more, troopers Jared Gilmour FLORIDA FRIDAY - Naked Florida woman arrested for skinny dipping in a stranger's pool. Floridaman stole candles from Bath and Body Works and sprayed bear mace at everyone. Floridaman arrested for pleasuring himself with a pickle on someone's property. Floridaman banned from playing tuba on the beach. // Weird AF News is the only daily weird news podcast hosted by a comedian because I believe   Apparently, quirks in Florida law don't recognize your private property as being in the public domain, even if it can be viewed by anyone going by. Unless this guy is being lewd, authorities can Author: Bill Mick

Elderly woman dropped off at the wrong house by an ambulance. Breakfast taco full of crystal meth found at the airport. Woman sprays her breast milk at strangers at a festival. Woman caught on video spraying breast milk around at a California festival. Investigation after horse seen being washed at a car wash in Mass. Floridaman humps a tree then punches a cop. Man crashed his motorcycle with a baby in his lap. FLORIDA FRIDAY - Florida police are looking for a driver that jumped a car over the drawbridge.

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Naked Floridaman hip thrusts a tree then punches a cop in the face. Floridaman begins a mile journey across the state in a lawnmower. Floridaman on a motorcycle crashed with a baby in his lap. Life sized teddy bear is walking from LA to SF.

Mystery tree beast turns out to be a harmless croissant. Life-sized teddy bear walking from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Man gets naked on flight and asks for Italian smooches. Brazil is building an even bigger Jesus.

Man gets naked on a flight and asks the staff for Italian smooches. Brazil is building an even bigger Jesus statue. Bill Gates wants to spray dust into the atmosphere to block out the sun.

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World's fattest rabbit has been kidnapped. Ladder may be the official tool of Tennessee bout why? World's biggest rabbit stolen. Ladder is the official tool of Tennessee. India arrests two guys who used monkeys to rob people. Woman gets pregnant while already pregnant.

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Police exercise a man to death for breaking curfew. Last shoots her gun off in LA traffic, asks if anyone would like to die today. Filipino man died after forced to do squats by police. Florida Botox doctor drank Four Loko while injecting patients. No pants and a pistol tween his legs. FLORIDA FRIDAY - Florida Botox doctor drank Four Loko while injecting patients. Florida resort abruptly closes, kicks out guests after hotel is sold.

Floridaman not wearing pants with a gun between his legs outside school. Florida woman beat her husband after he showed a nude pic of his late ex. The Cannabis Ambulance makes house calls. Newlyweds forced to spend their wedding night in a stadium.

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Rwanda punishes married couples for breaking covid rules with a night in a stadium. There's a cannabis ambulance in Maine making house calls. Poland will offer pension plan for horses and dogs. Ketchup package shortage! Pilot mistakenly lands plan at an unfinished airport. Airlines pilot in Africa mistakenly lands plane at unfurnished airport. Ketchup packets shortage because of the pandemic. Metal band made of cats has a hit song.

Family sues after California man dies in a taco eating contest. Heavy Metal band made up of cats releases a single for charity. The great Easter bunny massacre is fun for the whole family. Baby born with three penises.

New Zealand town where Easter is celebrated by killing all the bunnies in the Great Easter Bunny Hunt. Baby has been born with three penises in Iraq. Funerals are keeping mariachi bands working during pandemic. Floridaman and his emotional support python get a DUI. Florida school raffles off an assault rifle. FLORIDA FRIDAY - Florida high school raffles off an assault rifle.

Floridaman geta a DUI while driving with his emotional support python. Bacon smelling shoelaces by Oscar Mayer. Cheerleaders at train stations in Tokyo for sad businessmen. Oscar Mayer offers free shoelaces that smell like real bacon. Cheerleaders at train stations in Tokyo cheer up the gloomy business commuters each morning. Saudis can now get insurance coverage for their runaway maids. International gang of Lego thieves. College bans the mullet.

French police crack down on an international gang of Lego looters. College in Australia bans mullets. Mafia fugitive found on cooking video starring himself. Humans could become venomous scientists say. Mafia fugitive caught after posting a cooking video starring himself.

remarkable, rather

Tax preparer pulls gun on customer who complained about their refund amount. Venomous humans could become reality, scientists say. Satan Shoes with blood inside for sale. Anchorage Alaska Costco customers claim the ravens are stealing all their groceries.

Nike has nothing to do with Lil Nas X and his Satan Shoes. Filipino man had a knife lodged inside his chest for 14 months without realizing it following stabbing. Florida mom with a boxing glove fights middle schooler. Naked Florida lady roams sewers for 3 weeks. Naked Florida woman rescued after being in a sewer for three weeks. Floridaman shot his Floridaman neighbor in a heated dispute over ducks and geese. Pet frog from Florida is finalist to become next Cadbury Easter Bunny.

Viking funerals may be legal.

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Sex doll hotel shut down in China. Give me all your cats! Maine may allow Viking style outdoor funeral pyres. Michigan man wakes to an intruder holding a gun to his head and demanding both his cats. Penises are shrinking around the world because of pollution. No more using hypnosis to solve crimes. Penises are shrinking because of pollution. Texas Rangers will no longer use hypnosis to solve crime.

Japanese CEO gives entire staff the day off to play Monster Hunter Rise videogame. Witchcraft breast implants using mind control.

Mule Festival sounds fun! Plague of mice in Austr. Mouse plague grows to biblical proportions in Eastern Australia. Man in China claims to offer breast size increases using only his mind.

Dad arrested for bringing toddler into elephant habitat at zoo. Dad arrested after bringing toddler inside the elephant habitat at San Diego zoo. No screaming on the rides at California theme parks. Floridaman pulls human ears from his pocket. Floridaman accused of sexing an Olaf doll in a Target. FLORIDA FRIDAY - Floridaman pulls human ears from his pocket during questioning.

Floridaman accused of sex acts with Olaf doll in Target. Florida mom and daughter arrested for rigging homecoming queen online election.

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Man failed drivers test for nd time. Polish man fails driving license test for nd time. Taiwan asks citizens to please not change your name to Salmon. Bodybuilder divorces his sex doll wife. Japan has no guns and are now banning crossbows too.

First Gamestop, now gorillas- ors are investing in saving apes. Sex worker with two vaginas shows the world. Pro-Meat Day versus Meatless Day as battle continues. Sex worker with two vaginas shares her rare condition on Onlyfans.

Nebraska declares pro-meat say to combat Colorado meatless day. Sperm bank on the moon. Two foot tall Indian man asked the police for help finding a wife. Scientists plan to send 6. Floridaman hides drugs in his hamburger.

  The words "naked" and "Florida" have been used more than once over the years in headlines and sentences across multiple media outlets. This week it happened Scott Sutton

Florida woman assaults Floridaman with an angry cat. Florida woman assaults Floridaman with a cat. Floridaman hides drugs inside his hamburger. Drunk driver crashes into car of drunk driving friend he was coming to rescue in Florida. Turkey destroys dentist office. Ban on serving coffee in baby bottles. China needs more masculinity. Turkey breaks into dentist office and destroys everything in sight. Dubai bans new trend of serving coffee in baby bottles.

China proposes teaching masculinity to boys as state is alarmed by changing gender roles. Man dies after getting a three hour Covid erection. Canadians on the hunt for the last boxed of Kellogs cereal. Satan tries to get a date on the Boston subway.

Insects have gay sex accidentally and lots of it. Zoo tries to pass their security dog off as a wolf. Billions of insects have gay sex accidentally a new study shows. Zoo in China tries to pass a dog off as a wolf. Panda Express employees forced to strip to underwear and give hugs as part of a cult like team building seminar.

Floridaman high with one sock speeding. Naked jumper! FLORIDA FRIDAY - Floridaman speeds mph through crash site high on coke with one sock says has business at the Ritz Carlton. Floridawoman attacks her cousin for playing same song on a loop. Floridaman jumped naked on his neighbors trampoline before breaking into home.

Cat attacks pilot and forces emergency landing. Karaoke singer fined for bad versions of ABBA. Plane forced to land after car attacks a pilot. Karaoke singer fined for terrible ABBA and Dolly Parton songs spark over local complaints.

Indian residents hold entire family hostage for feeding stray dogs. Is it legal to feed them we ask? Sex work seminar offered by University. Potato Head will be gender neutral. Ohio State University offers seminar on how to get started in sex work. Woman goes blind after getting eyeballs tattooed.

Japan demands a stop to anal testing. Japan asks China to cease giving their citizens anal COVID tests when they enter.

Naked florida state

US doctor appears on live video court while still operating on a patient. Edible crayons and Marines. Crayon eating marine launches edible crayon business.

Divers steal beer aged by sunken ship off Argentina. Mom says Catholic school expelled her kids over her Only Fans account. Floridaman smacks priest during mass. Florida woman in motorized wheelchair robbed a bank.

remarkable, very

FLORIDA FRIDAY - Floridaman smacks a priest then barricades himself inside a busy church. Florida woman in a motorized wheelchair robs a bank in Jacksonville. Floridaman fights to keep his pizza loving pet alligator. Floridaman masturbated in front if a sunbather then bit her boyfriend.

Kidnapped baby traded for Big Macs? Man fakes his own kidnapping to get out of work.

Joining a Nudist Community to Become a Better Man

Bomb squad disarms bag of kittens. Japan hires an official Minister of Loneliness. Ohio bomb squad called to disarm a bag of adorable kittens. Tenant ordered to vacate apartment for howling like a wolf. Website shows neighborhoods with noisy children.

Website maps the neighborhoods with noisy children in Japan. Nuns attend exorcism despite lockdown. Cocaine coated Frosted Flakes cereal seized by authorities. Licking ice cream inside the store is now a crime in Arizona. Nuns in Cork breach COVID guidelines to attend an exorcism. Federal agents in Cincinnati seize cocaine coated Frosted Flakes cereal.

Florida women dress as grannies to scam vaccines. Drunk Florida lady stabs drunk sister with epipen. FLORIDA FRIDAY - Drunk Florida woman stabs sister with epipen because she ia allergic to drunk people. Florida women dress as grannies to scam vaccine shots. Porn viewership in Florida up following the Super Bowl. Floridamen pose as US marshals to avoid wearing masks.

Gust of wind impregnates a woman? Family fights over the tattooed skin of a dead artist. Man turns himself into police, says he would rather be in jail than in lockdown with the folks he lives with.

Indonesian woman claims she was impregnated by a gust of wind. Offensive breast milk. Serial van pooper. Woman fakes her own abduction to avoid quarantine. Flight attendant who tested positive for Covid faked her own abduction to avoid quarantine in Jamaica. Police search for a man who pooped in unlocked cars at auto shops.

Man admits murder so police will plough his street. French workers can eat lunch at work legally.

Ukraine man invents murder tales in attempt to get police to clear some snow. French workers can now eat lunch at their desks without breaking laws. Cannabis lounge in Oklahoma turns into the towns only homeless shelter.

Support group for people named Karen. Watching people study is the new internet craze.

congratulate, excellent idea

Strange internet craze of watching people study on video. Police want you to stop having sex in your car in parking lots. Civil rights protest featuring traffic penis. Floridaman whips out his penis and shows the traffic during civil rights protest.

Floridaman streaked the field during the Super Bowl to promote some porn. Sex robots can be hacked to kill their owners.

Please stop milking the psychedelic toads to get high. Sex robots can be hacked and kill their owners warn experts. Conservationists plead with public to stop milking psychedelic toads to get high.

can ask?

Nerd used a sword to steal game cards from game shop. Nerd in The Flash superhero mask uses sword to steal game cards. Lawyer mistakenly used cat filter for zoom meeting. Free dildo with every pizza promo!

Man killed by cannon explosion during a gender reveal party. Michigan man killed by exploding cannon during a gender reveal party. Man arrested for trying to rob Taco Bell of exactly 3 tacos. Marijuana shortage in Jamaica? Knife wielding YouTuber is shot during a video prank robbery. YouTuber shot and killed during a video prank robbery. Police trainee assaulted women who refused to take him to a party. Floridaman exposes his balls while mattress shopping. Floridaman denied his attempt to join ISIS.

Floridaman denied attempt to join ISIS. Floridaman with Florida head tattoo calls for a ride home. Floridaman drunk drives in his scuba gear and gets arrested. Floridaman exposes his old balls while mattress shopping. Man engaged to a sex doll welcomes a baby doll to the family. Name a cockroach after your ex. Hanging rhinos upside down is vital for their conservation. Watching Super Bowl naked this year? Film festival will screen on a remote island for just one nurse.

Taiwan waves Covid fine for kidnapped man. Prosthetic penis scam! Scientists teach spinach to send emails. Scientists have taught spinach to send emails about the environment and climate change.

Man arrested in Berlin for giving fake air traffic instructions to passenger planes and police helicopters. Police give free coffee to stop a riot. Man who had sex with chickens still allowed to keep pets. Four men in China get mouth ulcers after eating 30 kg of oranges at the airport to avoid baggage fees. UK man jailed for having sex with chickens in front of wife allowed to keep pets still.

Police in Leiden prevent riots by giving out free coffee to protesters. Naked Floridaman does dumb things. Florida fugitive starts GofFundMe to flee the country. Floridaman destroys toilet in bathroom brawl. Floridaman fugitive cuts ankle monitor and starts Gofundme for his freedom.

Floridaman steals tow truck as revenge for tow company towing his car. Naked Floridaman stole and crashed police car. Lady performs oral sex to stop robbery of a gas station.

Dead professor teaches an online course. University is using a dead professor to teach online courses. Czech woman performs oral sex to stop a robbery at a gas station. Thirty one officers fined for having a barber cut their hair at the police station. Birth control for squirrels. Want to own a famous murder house? Witchcraft trial apology by town. UK government backs birth control for grey squirrels.

You can now buy the famous Lizzie Borden murder house. Town apologizes for witchcraft trial years ago. EA Sports To Make President Trump Cover Star of PGA Tour Parent Company of Corona Beer Sues China Over Bad Press During Their Coronavirus Scare. Business Parent Company of Corona Beer Sues China Over Bad Press During Their Coronavirus Scare. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Enters Agreement to Purchase New Wrestling Startup AEW.

Trump Strikes Deal With Amazon, Netflix, and Others - No More Federal Taxes EVER. Young Boy In Critical Condition After Apple AirPods Explode In His Ears. New Breed of Mosquito Has Been Found To Impregnate Women After Biting. Man Who Bought a Pair of Dentures on Shopping App WISH Can Suddenly Speak Chinese. World Barack Obama Announces Plans To Get Elected As Italian Prime Minister.

Rocketman And Dotard Agree To Settle Diplomatic Issues In EPIC Rap Battle.

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