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Protecting your skin barrier is important at every age, and becomes more vital as we mature. Two factors we should all be aware of when it comes to aging and the appearance of aged skin.

Extrinsic Aging: Caused by external factors such as UV. At Eighteen B, we believe that defending the skin barrier is essential to maintaining healthy skin. The skin barrier always needs reinforcement, but cold weather brings its own unique challenges. Here are five ingredients your skin craves in cool weather. Do you feel that chill in.

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  the skin microbiome is an important part of your skin and its health. Although it may sound like an abstract concept because we can't see it with the naked eye, the skin microbiome is an important part of your skin's barrier and its health. Also known as the skin flora, or the microbiota, it consists of micro-organisms that form a layer of Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins   Eighteen B B-Silk Protein Hydrate & Restore Rich Cream, available at Eighteen B, Peter Thomas Roth Max Mineral Naked Broad Spectrum SPF 45, available at Sephora Old Orchard, Land Meets Sea Collection, available at Land Meets Sea, Biossance Squalane+ Mineral SPF 45, available at Biossance,   Meet Lindsay Wray, PhD - Eighteen B's Chief Science Officer. 18B HQ Feb 7, Lindsay Wray, a pioneer in the field of silk protein research for over a decade. Education With a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Tufts University, Lindsay Wray worked in the world's preeminent lab on silk materials research

It was only a couple of months ago that we announced our pivot; from an up-and-coming brand to an innovation lab. We named this new endeavor the Beebe Lab - which is short for BEta-testing Endeavors for BEauty. This name captures our main mission to.

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What you put on your skin is so important for your overall health and well being, which is why the Beebe Lab only uses high quality ingredients. Wrinkles are inevitable, and as some might say the sign of a life well-lived. We agree! What are wrinkles? Wrinkles are lines, indentations, or creases in the skin. They appear as our skin begins to thin, and the collagen that keeps our skin plump.

Do you have sensitive skin? Sensitive skin comes in a variety of forms - itchiness, redness, tightness, burning, and dryness. By following dermatologist recommended skincare, you can maximize the benefits of your daily skincare routine. The general steps of an effective routine include cleansing your face, firming and replenishing, and moisturizing. By consistently following a daily plan, you will help your skin to be as. Also known as the skin flora, or the microbiota, it consists of micro-organisms that.

The best silk skincare daily routine includes firming and replenishing, applying eye cream, and moisturizing your skin with a line of products that support the building and maintenance of healthy and beautiful skin.

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But how do you know which products to choose? One important factor. Since this fortuitous event, we have partnered with Taylor to provide our community with top-notch fitness. Eighteen B has several solutions including a healthy skin barrier.

Here we are in May and no matter where you live, the weather is changing.

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It may still be a little chilly in the mornings and evenings, but the full-on scorching Summer will be here very soon. With everything happening in the world today, and everything you have on your plate at home, it is fair to say that you may not be getting the rest you need to be at your best. We have all heard that old adage about getting. These are essential for maintaining healthy skin and further enhance the benefits of our silk skincare products.

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You may have heard that spider silk is five times stronger than steel, but the reasons for the. Taylor Fitzgerald is a Makeup Artist and New York native whose work has been seen everywhere from Bravo to NYFW. Women she has worked with include Whitney Port, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Nastia Liukin, and Justine Marjan. Self-care has never been bigger increasing the risk of overtreating your skin. That comes. In this blog post we will break down what clean beauty means to us and why it is important.

At Eighteen B, we take our formulation philosophy and our ingredients standards very seriously because what you put on your skin is so important for your overall health and well being. While there are lots of different definitions for Clean Beauty between various beauty brands.

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Small Business Strong! It is tight and squeaky clean but under a microscope you would see that your skin is now exposed and vulnerable. This is a crucial moment for your skin but a cinch. Right now, it is safe to say that we are stressed. Stress and stress-eating wreak havoc on our skin. Here are some tips for treating stressed skin.

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Creating B-SILK PROTEIN and formulating skincare products was just a fraction of the journey in bringing Eighteen B to life. Pollution and other irritating chemicals wreck havoc on your skin. Read on to learn more about pollution and how you can defend your skin. This is the feeling of a compromised skin barrier.

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It has a complex structure and performs important functions for your overall health. However, you may still be thinkingB-What? As I think about materials science, I need to take a look back on human existence.

I feel a big sense of pride for how far our ingenuity has gotten us. We talk a lot about skin. like a lot. We're often asked how Eighteen B got its name. Here's Lindsay Wray, our Chief Science Officer to answer that question.

Lindsay Wray, a pioneer in the field of silk protein research for over a decade.

She studied silk for medical applications such as. The full Eighteen B collection includes an eye cream, a serum, and two moisturizers.

Here's how to build a regimen that supports the skin barrier for skin that looks healthy, hydrated, and radiant. The thin, delicate skin around the eyes needs a little extra love. Lindsay Wray, our Chief Science Officer, gives us the low-down on what an INCI name means, how we got ours, and why it matters. Is your skincare regimen ready for a new decade? We've assembled a list of five new year's resolutions that promote healthy, radiant skin in They're so easy to follow you'll actually stick to them.

We asked our community to help us find our next Eighteen B Woman, and you certainly delivered. We're thrilled to introduce you to Shannon Sherrell, entrepreneur, nobuckysboneyard.comofit founder, and our newest Eighteen B Woman. At Eighteen B, sustainability is close to our hearts.

For our third holiday gift guide, we're highlighting the sustainable brands on our shopping list. Here's our guide to the eco-friendly products we're loving.

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Are you ready for the chilly days of winter? Even if you love the cozy months, winter calls for a little more self care.

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Here are seven ways to take better care of your skin and your soul during winter. For our second holiday gift guide, we asked the Eighteen B team for the cruelty free products on their holiday wish list.

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Here's our gift guide to the Leaping Bunny certified products we're loving. Lindsay Wray, our Chief Science Officer, won ELLE's Future of Beauty Award. We talked to Lindsay about what the award means to her and how she's working to change the industry one ingredient at a time. Go Linsday! To help you prepare for shopping season, we've assembled a gift guide series to highlight our favorite products, brands, and causes. Our first gift guide is dedicated to the textile we treasure most: silk.

In the spirit of gratitude and paying it forward, we've teamed up with The House That Lars Built, the design team behind our holiday sets, to support Nest, a nobuckysboneyard.comofit that supports the handworker economy.

Here's why.

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Dry and dehydrated skin may sound interchangeable, but they're two different concerns. Here's the difference, how to tell if your skin is dehydrated, and how to make it glow. Our holiday gift sets are finally here.

In this post, we take a look inside each set. Here's what's inside, who it's right for, and why they make the perfect gift for skincare lovers. We talked to Brittany Jepsen, the creative director of The House That Lars Built and our newest Eighteen B Woman, about crafting, creativity, and the joy of paying gratitude forward. We talked to Katie Jane Hughes, editorial and celebrity makeup artist and our newest Eighteen B Woman, about skincare, beauty, and staying authentic in a world of over-editing.

We believe that healthy skin requires a healthy skin barrier. Dermatologist Dr. Tyler Hollmig believes it, too. We reached out to ask a few questions about the skin barrier and why it matters. To understand why Eighteen B formulations work, you'll have to start at the beginning: with silk. We want to be confident about every ingredient that goes into our formulations.

That's why we decided not to use silicones in our products.

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Lindsay, our Chief Science Officer, tells us why she stands by this decision. Here's how the acid mantle affects skin's pH and why it's so important.

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The industry is buzzing about protecting the natural skin barrier. Here's why it matters more than ever. But what exactly is happening below the surface? Eighteen B harnesses the power of silk to create better skincare. We aren't the only ones using silk to build better products.

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We've assembled a list of five silk innovations we're excited about. In short, it helps support your natural skin barrier. Here's why that matters. We believe that protecting the skin barrier is essential to maintaining healthy skin - especially when the weather turns cold. These five ingredients work together to keep your skin barrier strong all season long. Here's an intro to skin's natural moisturizer. Designed to replenish skin before moisturizing, Serum is an essential step in your skincare regimen.

Why did we decide to make a serum? We asked Lindsay Wray, our Chief Science Officer, for her inspiration behind the formulation. Eighteen B was certified by Leaping Bunny as a cruelty-free company in March We talked to Lindsay Wray, our Chief Science Officer, about why she cares about staying cruelty free and how we test our formulations.

We believe that healthy skin comes from the inside-out and the outside-in. We wanted to learn more about how food affects our skin, so we asked a nutritionist exactly what vitamins and nutrients we should be eating. We include these kinds of ingredients in our silk skin care products. Our key ingredient at Eighteen B is B-SILK PROTEINwhich is biocompatible and supports your skin barrier.

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the skin microbiome is an important part of your skin and its health. The Skin Microbiome and Its Purpose The microbiome helps to protect your skin.

Microbiome Skincare Products Because maintaining a balanced microbiome that supports your skin barrier is a key part of having healthy skin, it is important to choose microbiome skin care products that help to sustain this balance rather than interfering with it.

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