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Sprinkling; scattering. Splendour of the sun. ???? ??. Charm, spell, bewitchment; a fascination. Harmony, melody, tune. Star; Name of a flower Arrowroot, Indian shot.

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Honorable; great. A flower Buttercup. Alish T. Flame, flammable. Noble, highest social standing; great. AlmA T. alyA G. Marshmallows a pink-flowered perennial herb. anbar A. Truthful; Sincere; Name of Mohammad's mother. Friend, companion; Name of Khashayar's Xerxes wife; Name of Dariush II's daughter. amireh A. A female ruler. Name of one of Kourosh the Great's wife.

Damsel in Zand. AnA T. Name of deity worshipped by ancient Iranians Goddess of water. Name of Ardeshir I's Achaemenid Babylonian wife. anis A. A friend, companion. anisA A. aniseh A. The plant Myrtle in Zand. ? ???. Name of women during Sassanid era; Eternal. Happy, fortunate; Eternal. anvar A. Ornament, decoration. ???? ????. Quiet Lady, peaceful lady, tranquil lady. A swallow. Adorn; ornament. Wish; A character in Shahnameh Salm's wife and Fereydoon's daughter-in-law. Reddish Purple; Name of a tree whose flower is red Judas tree, Redbud tree, love tree.

Ideal, hope, aspiration. ????? ???. Cheerful girl; Name of ancient princesses. Righteous, virtuous, good.

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Eloquent speaker; A character in Shahnameh Jamshid's sister. Name of an Indian plant. White; bright. Country in Zand. Secretary of Treasury of a Parthian Ashkanian king Ardavan IV ; also name of Sassanid queen; Righteous and truthful girl. Speaker of truth; Female Admiral of the Persian navy during Xerxes reign. Truthful; Name of the daughter of one of Dariush's generals.

A wild violet. Related, belonging to the AryAns. Relate belonging to the AryAns. Decoration; Majesty; Like, similar to; quiet; Name of Shapour II Sassani's sister. Asefeh A. Wise woman. Nobler or Noblest.

The name of Pharoah's wife who educated Moses. Father's sweetheart, daddy's girl. Gentle, docile woman. atiyeh A. Name of Kourosh's the great daughter, who was also the 1st wife of Darius I, and mother of KhashayAr; also name of Cambyses' Sassanid wife. Name of King Shapur's aunt the classical Atoosa. Voice, call.

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Vessel; proof; a throne. Avin K. AvisA K. Clear water.

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Wild marjoram, oregano, thyme. A pendant. Pure; beloved. AydA T. In the moon. From the moon; Resembling the moon beautiful. AylA T. Moonlight; Halo around the moon. Aylin T. Halo around the moon. AynAz T. The moon's sweetheart.

Ays A T. Resembling the moon beautiful. AysAn T. Aytan T. One resembling the moon as in beauty. Noble; A character in Shahnameh Goshtasp's mother. ???? ???. Free girl. Fire, 9th month of the Iranian calendar. ? ???????. Illuminating fire ; Phoenix. Small fire; Name of the daughter of a Sassanid king Yazdgerd III. Flash of fire. Fiery, fires. Essence of fire. Given by fire. Daughter of fire. A flower Windflower. The color of fire; Name of a flower. Chamomile flower; Related to fire; A Achaemenid princess who was also a general.

Name of a fire temple. Daughter of Khosrow Parviz Sassani, sister of Pourandokht, and 2nd Queen who ruled over the Sasanian Empire.

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The fiery liquid used in enameling. Name of a fire temple; Eternal fire; Name of a female Sassanid general.

??? ???. A salamander. ??? ???.

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Name of a flower. Decoration, ornament. ???? ????. Lovely, graceful lady. ???? ???. Lovely, graceful girl. Name of an Iranian princess.

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aziz A. Precious, dear. azizeh A. Chamomile flowers. Full moon. Badrieh A. Woman with a face like the moon beautiful, round, bright. Price, value.

Name of a bird. Spring season. A plant Corydalis. Someone who brings the spring or a sprint flower ; related, belonging to spring.

The blooming princess. Bright, radiant.

View the profiles of people named Dokhtar Irani Irani. Join Facebook to connect with Dokhtar Irani Irani and others you may know. Facebook gives people Dokhtar Irani is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Dokhtar Irani and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected 8th month of the Iranian calendar; Name of an angel: ???? ????. AbAnbanu (Z) Name of women during Achaemenid era: ???? ???. AbAndokht: Name of Darius III's wife: ??????. abbAseh (A) Name of Harun al-Rashid's sister; Lioness: ??????. abrisham: Silk: ?????. Adeleh (A) Just: ?????. adileh (A) Alike, equal; just: ?? ????. Adileh (T)(K) Just

Radiant, shining. Bright, radiant, shining. A flower Violet, Pansy. Lady; wife of "Babak-e Khoram Din", she fought side by side her husband, against the Arab invasion and occupation of Iran.

A tree Mountain ash, Checker tree. Clover; daughter of the King Darius III, married to Alexander the Great, who is also called EstatirA. Name of a plant. ?? ?????. Good creation; A character in Shahnameh Goshtasb's daughter and Esfandiyar's sister. ?? ?????. ?? ???. Best ornament, decoration. ?? ???. Best fire. ?? ????. BehAz in. ?? ???. Best price.

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Good color. Behd okht. Best girl. Best; Selected. Best, approved. Behjat A. Joyful; beautiful.

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Elegant,; coquette. Friendly face. Name of the angel in charge of the winds. Strong beauty; A character in Shahnameh Arjasb's daughter. ?? ??. ?? ?? ???. Coy Lady; Elegant Lady.

?? ???. Unique; beautiful. A kind of bird Hoopoe. ????? ???. A flower Camellia. Name of one Kurosh the Great's wife. A flower Stock-gillyflower ; Cross. A lark.

A poem exceeding 18 couplets. An orchard; a green field; bluegrass.

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Strutting; a goblet of wine. A goblet of wine; The cup of Jamshid. Melody, song, poetry. Wink; Name of a plant Eyebright. ChistA Z. Female angel personifying religious wisdom. Clear and bright way. Glory of the sea.

?? ????. Heart and soul illuminator. ?? ???. Beloved; a sweetheart; A character in Shahnameh DArA'w wife and Roshanak's mother. Quiet-hearted; A character in Shahnameh Bahram-gur's lover. ?? ???. ?? ????.

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Charming, Sweetheart, heart-ravisher. Fascinating, attractive. A beloved object; Name of a stone. Dinah; also means judge. A just judge; Name of Sassanian queen Yazdgerd II's wife. Glory of the world. A sparkling star glittering like a gem. A bird Crane.

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Pearl like. Effat A. A modest woman. Inspiration, revelation. Mother Earth ; a blooming, fruitful tree. ?? ???.

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Name of a district in the town of Rudbar. ElmirA T. Devoted to the tribe. A girl whose coquetry is the most perfect of all. Ensi A. Friend, companion. Ensiyeh A. A plant Heather, Heath. Esmat A. Name of a King Darius III's daughter who married Alexander the Great, who is known as Barsin; Also, name of Darius III's wife Barsin's mother. Star; Esther; Name of Xerxes' Khashayar Shah Jewish wife. FA'egeh A. Victorious, winner. Faghiheh A.

A woman learned in law and divinity. Fahimeh A. A ring dove. Joy, happiness, cheerfulness. Characters in Shahnameh Fereidoun's mother; also name of one Bahram-gur's wives ; Butterfly. A character in Shahnameh AfrAsiAb's daughter, married to SiAvush and mother of Kai-khosrow. Charming, enticing. ??? ? ?. Unique, precious.

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Beautiful girl. Our beautiful and lovable one. Glorious moon. ????? ?. Glorious name. Perfection, excellence, completion, utmost level.

Pleasant and sweet. Happy, joyous. Splendor of the sun. Splendid coquetry, glorious coquetry. ??? ??. Noble family; Having great ancestors. ??? ??. Beautiful face. Splendid day.

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????? ???. FatAneh A. A temptress, seducer. A woman who weans her child; The name of Mohammad's daughter. Ferdoss A. Beautiful; Having a good voice; Name of a bird. FilA G. A loud voice or sound. Splendor, light, brightness. Shining, light. Pupil of the eye in Kurdish. A flower Gladiola.

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GelAvizh K. Name of a star. Ghamar A. A flower Dandelion. Ghazal A. A sonnet. Holy, sacred, angel. Flower bud. Women's hair, ringlet, tress.

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