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She goes back to finger fucking herself when she gets a text message from her lover. Her date has been cancelled and she needs her daily dose of dick. She is so upset! He storms out of her house in her lingerie outfit and walks down the street towards a group of construction workers. Her body is friggin amazing! It is so titillating to see a half naked girl walking down street in sexy bikini and heels!

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She licks it softly and pushes it inside her wet mouth, sucking and stroking it, feeling it getting even harder and bigger inside her. She drools all over his shaft and he cradles her in his powerful arms, her legs wrapped tight around his waist as he starts fucking her in standing position. His cock is a massive power tool jackhammering at her gushing cunt. These two really seem to like each other and the chemistry is great.

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Unlike with her date, there is no romance here, just brutal animalistic fucking. She loves it! Something to fuck over and over and fill with cum. This is what she wanted.

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Her birthday was coming up, so I wanted to give her something special before everyone arrived. I bought her a sexy lingerie set that I wanted to see her in. She loved it and she tried it on right there in front of me. My dick was so hard and I was watching that fine ass, thinking how I could hit it right there.

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I started banging her hard while grabbing her tits. I got behind her, so I could get even deeper inside this whore. The princess was moaning as her daddy was destroying her cute pussy. She could not get enough of it, so she wanted me to do her over and over again. I thought she might be a swallower, so I had to check it out. I came inside that mouth to see what she would do. She spat it out and then licked all the cream from her hand. I knew she was a bigger whore than her mom.

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I walked over to her and grazed my finger over her wet slit. She wrapped her slutty lips around my cock, and started sucking me hard. I closed my eyes in pleasure and let her expert mouth work my cock. My babe was jerking me hard and her tongue was flicking the head of my dick. But I craved her tight little pussy. So she got on her knees, then she bent over the bed and stuck her beautiful ass in the air.

I pushed my dick inside of her and I pounded her harder and harder by the second. Her tight pussy felt amazing around my dick, and I could feel that I was hitting all of her sweet spots. She was close, and I could feel her wet wall squeezing my dick.

She got on top of me and rode me, squeezing my cock with her vagina.

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