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Immediately you see a lady for the first time, you subconsciously grade her value.

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Usually, the prettier or classier you think a lady is, the higher you rate her. Take a few seconds and recall girls you had this mindset while approaching and dealing with them.

How did it turn out?

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You got positives responses most of the time right? Again, take a few seconds and recall girls you had this mindset while approaching and mingling with them.

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You got negative responses most of the time right? Maybe you ended up in the friend zone or she took you for granted.

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So why did this happen? Is it because that those first set of girls are cheap, and those classy girls are expensive?

When you approached those girls whom you THOUGHT were of equal, or lower value than you; you did so more confidently, moved fast and took risks with them. Because you know even if they go, you are capable of getting their type so easily. And when you were doing this, you communicated to the girls that you were a confident dominant man.

Someone who knows what he wants and who is courageous enough to go for it. And since every woman finds those traits attractive, you get a positive response from them. But when you approached those other girls whom you thought were of higher value than you; you did so nervously, moved slow and played safe with them.

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Because you think if you lose them, you might never find their type again. And you are not even up to the standard of men who she hangs out with.

And these two characters are red flags for women. So they reject or friend zone you most of the time. No, not all. When you place a lady on pedestal, you give her the impression that you see her as perfect or flawless. I still remember when I was growing up-during my early teenage years.

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There was this my aunt, who saw me as this perfect cute little teenager-not knowing that the boy has joined the bad gang tey tey. But it was too much work and pressure. And this made me avoid being in her presence often. The same thing happens when you put a girl on a pedestal. Ladies want that too, they want to date and be with a man who they could be free with and show their real selves without disappointing the person or getting judged.

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And nature has made it that females get attracted to dominant males. Female wolves get attracted to the alpha wolf-which is the most dominant male in the pack.

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So the same way you want to date incredibly gorgeous women, same way women want to date the most dominant man they could get their hands on. In Biology, we were taught that this is called natural selection which was proposed by Charles Darwin.

Those men know that any lady should count herself lucky for him to be attracted to her, and he acts that way towards her. Now, most men think being high status is about having money, driving expensive cars and putting on designer wears and watches.

The rest is in your attitude and body language.

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For instance, high status men are usually calm, confident, and relaxed. They move and carry themselves with elegance.

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They always seem in control of their life. Even though she has not seen your account balance or a flashy car or a designer.

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When I approached them so confidently, they are usually surprised because most guys are nervous when approaching them. And when I moved so fast with them; going for the kiss, or inviting them to my apartment on the first date. They followed me most of the times without much resistance. Maybe because most guys take it so slow with them-I could never tell.

Girls are adventurous beings, and they love to explore new things!!! Unlike girls who are like 6 or 7s-you know, girls with average looks. They are already used to being moved fast by guys. But with a little bit persuasion and seduction, they do oblige with me too.

Naked girl pedestal

Another funny thing is that most guys think that these girls are all about money. But what I know is, most of these gorgeous ladies are even the ones spending on me.

Girl with Basket Concrete Bench Sitter Statue. Garden Girl Statue is a sitter, that needs a flat bast for it to sit on like a bench, deck, pedestal, Garden Statues sale.

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Check out our girl on pedestal selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops Here's the naked truth about nudity - the pros, the cons, and some invaluable tips about when it might be time to cover up. The pros and cons of parental nudity. There are a number of reasons Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins Because high status men don't place ladies on a pedestal. Those men know that any lady should count herself lucky for him to be attracted to her, and he acts that way towards her. This makes the girl want to impress him and show the man she's worthy to be his mate. And when a girl is trying to impress you, she's already chasing you. Now

Fire boy. Adorable Fire fighter Boy Statue. Made from concrete.

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